Manual detection of the Router during Extender Setup

The setup process of the NetgearWiFi Extender at mywifiext is much uncomplicated. When we start the setup up process we the very first step is to connect it with the Router.

The setup process of the NetgearWiFi Extender at mywifiext is much uncomplicated. When we start the setup up process we the very first step is to connect it with the Router. The Router acts as the bridge between the Extender and the devices such as computer laptop or mobile. During the setup process of the Extender, the Routers name (SSID) is detected automatically, but in some cases its hidden. So here we have to manually locate and connect the Router to the extender.

Steps to connect the Extender to a hidden SSID

  1. Plug in the range extender to a electrical socket and wit for it to start.
  2. Connect any of your device with the default SSID of the extender or open with the help of the web browser and type
  3. Make an account to control the extender and click the Next button.
  4. Open the Genie App and click WIFIRANGE EXTENDER. Setup page will appear.
  5. Here you can scan all the network which are within your range.
  6. If your Router SSID is hidden then you will not find it on the display.
  7. Here you have to select manually input my wireless SSID and then click the Next
  8. InNetwork Name (SSID)boxenter your routers SSID. If necessary type the password. SelectNEXTand it will prompt the extender to connect with the routers WiFi network.
  9. Now you will be asked to enter the SSID and password of the extender WiFi networks. Here you can set the same security settings and password as your router and keep them unchanged and clickNEXTto move to the final step.
  10. But if you want to change the credentials then make the necessary changes and click
  11. Now you can connect your computer or mobile devices to the new available wireless network of the extender and go to Continue and press enter.
  12. Your set up process is completed.

Once your setup process is done now you can sit back at any part your house and enjoy your internet browsing , gaming and watch videos as much as you want and without any disturbances. If for security concern you want to hide your SSID name then it can be done by few simple steps.

How to hide or unhide the SSID name

  • Firstly connect your computer or mobile with your extender through wireless connection or by Ethernet cable.
  • Launch the Extender GUI via mywifiext
  • When your extender is using the latest version of Genie UI, it will ask you the user id and password.
  • Enter same login credentials which you used during the set up rocess of the extender.
  • And if the extender is using the older version of the GUI then you will be asked for the default username and password.
  • Usernameadmin, passwordpassword.
  • If you have changed the default then enter the new one.
  • Now to hide the SSIDs, go to WiFi Settings and uncheck Broadcast this Network name (SSID) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Click the Save button to save the settings.
  • And If you want to unhide the SSIDs, simply check the Broadcast this Network name (SSID) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and click

As you can connect to the wireless network anywhere anytime with the extenders at, sometimes the network are hidden. Here if you have the following informations then you can manually connect to the network. Like the Network name, Security type, Encrypted type, and Security Password.

For windows 10

  • Press the WiFi icon, present in the lower right corner of your screen..
  • SelectNetwork SettingsWi-FiHidden NetworkConnect
  • Enter the SSID
  • Select Next.
  • Enter the password.
  • Your computer connects to the network.

For Mac OS X

  • Open the network menu by clicking the WiFi icon.
  • This is present in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Join other network.
  • Type the Network name, Security type and
  • Select join and you are connected.

For Android users.

  • Select Settings.WiFiAdd wiFi network.
  • Enter SSID, Security type, and Password.
  • Click to connect.


  • Select settingsWiFiother
  • Enter the SSID, Security type, and password.
  • Select
  • You are connected.