Dorohedoro Might Be the Next Big Anime on Netflix

In these tumultuous times, people have turned to the world of entertainment for some respite to forget all the depressing events that are taking place in recent months. And who can’t sympathize? These are tough times and one can’t get through them without some mental escape, Entertainm

In these tumultuous times, people have turned to the world of entertainment for some respite to forget all the depressing events that are taking place in recent months. And who cant sympathize? These are tough times and one cant get through them without some mental escape, Entertainment being one of them. From all the options one has on Netflix, very few people will turn to Dorohedoro. Its a story of a man with a lizard head. Now, who wont get the initial idea that the anime must very stupid and childish? But one cant be more wrong.


Dorohedoro recounts the story of Kaiman also called Magician Killer. Kaiman was deformed by the Magician Users who are responsible for his reptilian appearance. Magic Users are beings from other dimensions who can change the way they look and resemble human beings. Kaiman being amnesiac wants to get back not just his original face but also his memories from the past.

Kaiman was born in the city of Hole. The Magic Users constantly attack Hole. As the people living in the Hole have no way of stopping them, they get used to these attacks. Unable to do anything the life of people of Hole is now hopeless. As they dont have a potent defense against the magic they have accepted their way of life and are accustomed to the attacks. But all that starts to change when the Amnesic reptilian faced hero starts to take a stand against the sorcerers. Kaiman is immune to magic and he hates the Magic Users for what they have done to him and his city. So he kills them without any empathy or remorse.

The story is set up in a post-apocalyptic world. Along with his friend Nikaido, Kaiman goes on an adventurous journey to get back his original face. It might seem that Kaiman because of the life he has had might be very cruel but deep down he is sensitive and caring. The outlandish world that he is a part of is absurd and peculiar. He goes on a funny and preposterous journey to fulfill his goal and achieve what he wants.

People who have read the manga will probably think that the anime wont be anything surprising. But they are in for a surprise. MAPPA studio has done an incredible job of creating a deeply invigorating world of human beings and sorcerers. The absurd world that the story is set up in is made engrossing by hybrid effects produced by the amalgamation of two and three-dimensional animations. There is a conscious effort by the creator to hide the three-dimensional animations which give the show its fluidity. Although the Hybrid effects have been around since the 80s. The effect gives the absurd world of Kaiman its uniqueness.

Dorohedoro is deliberately elusive which leaves the viewer unaware of all that is unravelling. There is a contrast in the way the chaos and human side of the characters are portrayed. It shows a dexterous understanding of action and drama. There is an intentional effort to make it seem that there is nothing much that is happening in the first few episodes. But it only takes a curious eye to observe all the clues and details that are being left to make more sense of the rollercoaster journey the show takes people on.

With its deliberate evasiveness, variations in pace, contrast in emotional relationships, and cold-blooded violence, it creates a world of such absurdity and intrigue that one cant help binge-watching the entire show. The masterful use of drama, violence, and the sheer timing of all the events that come together to tell one curious tale is just mind-blowing, to say the least. The narration rivals that of even some great movies and leaves one just sitting in a state of pure wonderment.

Dorohedoro is a story of two-world in two different dimensions. The Hole, where human beings live and the world of Magicians, where only the sorcerers live. The Sorcerers can deal with anything including death itself and are so powerful that even the serious injuries for human beings are of no consequence to them. They have created a paradise for themself where they fear nothing. They have conquered everything including death and time. In contrast, the world of human beings is very depressing. Human beings struggle to protect themself against the sorcerers and are used to being used as guinea pigs by them for their amusement. Both of the worlds have been used to contrast each other and attack the idea of Utopia. The show portrays how the state of one world is linked with the other. So that betterment of one world affects the other world, which suffers in return.

If you are in doubt what you should be watching next. Dorohedoro might be the next big thing that you should try. With all its absurdity the show has got what it takes to make the viewer sit awe-struck to their seats in amazement. One cant help binge-watching it all at once as it arouses questions at the end of every episode that it leaves on itching to just watch one more episode. Which culminates in a spree that ends only after one is done watching the entirety of the show.

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