How to Perform Backup and Restore on Windows Server?

Implementation of restore and backup procedures in a business or personal environment is very important.

Many types of utilities can be used to run backups. If you would like to run backup and restore the Windows server, you can follow this article and solve it.

Installing Windows Server Backup Feature

  1. You should click on the Server Manager option.
  2. After that, select the Add roles and features.
  3. Beneath the Before you begin, select the Next button.
  4. Below the Select installation type, select the Role-based or feature-based installation option, then choose the Next option.
  5. Underneath the Select destination server option, select the server then choose the Next button.
  6. Beneath the Select server roles, choose the Next button.
  7. Below the Select features, choose the Windows Server Backup option, and choose the Next button.
  8. Underneath the Confirm installation sections, select the Install option.
  9. Now, beneath the Installation progress, select the Close button.

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SetupWindowsServer Backup

  1. You should launch the Server Manager.
  2. After that, select the Tools option on the upper right-hand side of the screen then choose the Windows Server Backup.
  3. You have to choose the Action section then pick the Backup Once.
  4. You can redo a similar process by selecting on Backup Once at the right-hand side of the program.
  5. Below the Backup Options choose the Different options, then choose the Different options whether you have not made a scheduled backup or to identify items or a location for this backup that are another through the scheduled backup.
  6. Underneath the Select Backup Configuration, choose the Full server (recommended) to backup each server app, data, and system state. Choose the Next button.
  7. Identify a remote location, select the Inherit option, then choose the Inherit option that creates the backup available to everyone who has entered the identified remote shared folder.
  8. You should give user details who have type access to the folder of a shared network.
  9. Beneath the Confirmation, select the Backup option.
  10. Now, look at the Backup Progress. You may shut the wizard, and the backup operation will proceed to perform into the background.

Restore Backed Up Data

  1. You should invoke the Windows Server Backup on your PC.
  2. After that, select the Action option then choose the Recover.
  3. Beneath the Getting Started, select the location wherever you have ordered the backup, then choose the Next button.
  4. Identify the location type by selecting the local and remote shared folder.
  5. You should select the Specify Remote Folder section and choose the Next button.
  6. Then give user details who have read enter to the folder of the shared network.
  7. You have to choose the backup data to utilize for recovery.
  8. Backups are applicable for dates that appeared in bold.
  9. Choose the Recover Type then choose the Next button.
  10. Click on the Items to restore then choose the Next button.
  11. Go to the Specify Recovery Options then select what you would like to do with copies.
  12. Select the Next button.
  13. Beneath the Confirmation, select the Recover button.
  14. Look at the Recovery progress section, select the Close button.
  15. Now, launch the File Explorer or go to the location wherever you have fixed the files.