Why am I unable to Use AP Account in the Same Transaction?

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QuickBooks has set certain boundaries that are required to be followed by the users. Somehow if you tried to break those parameters, you will be welcomed by unwanted errors. Hence, for any help, you can dial our QuickBooks Support Number+1-844-200-2627. Here in this blog, we will discuss on one such issue. Recently users have come across complaining that the software does not allow them to record a transaction that contains the following accounts:

  • Two A/R accounts
  • Two A/P accounts
  • One A/R account and one A/P account

When you try to save these transactions, you will receive a warning message stating:

Warning: You cannot use more than one A/R or A/P account in the same transaction

Here we will help you in dealing with the warning message. Now lets have a look at the following option that you need to work around.

Write Off A Receivable Against A Payable

Now, in this case, if you have a customer who is also a vendor then you are required to write off a receivable a payable. Note this cannot be done in a single transaction because that transaction will already have A/R account and an A/P account. Here, you are required to have clearing account making two different transactions.

Manage Bad Debt In Accrual Method

You require an Allowance for Bad Debts accounts while recording a bad debt in the accrual method. Setting up the Allowance for Bad Debts account as other current assets will help you in resolving the error. You are required to establish a clearing account for two A/R accounts while recording journal entries.

Remove A/P as The Default Vendor Pre-fill Account

Removing A/P as the default vendor before filling account leads to use two A/P accounts in a single transaction. You may even face a warning message when you set up QuickBooks to automatically pre-fill accounts for a vendor and then you select A/P as the default account. In order to remove this issue follow the steps:

  • From the main Menu, select Vendors and then click on Vendor Center
  • Now, double click on the vendor name from the Vendor Center window
  • Now, move to the Account setting tab and remove the account. Note that the drop-down list should only have expense accounts for the vendor
  • Now, click on Ok button

Hopefully, the provided solutions will help you in getting better results. In case you face any other issues, feel free to reach QuickBooks Support Number +1-844-200-2627.