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Angry bird is a demolition game of physics. It gives you the control of the infuriated birds who have to demolish the pigs, who stole the birds eggs. As the swine is sitting inside their protective layer, the player can control different birds and destroy the barrier to diminish the pigs. The player has to use strategic and logical benefits to accomplish in the game. Once the player wins, they are rewarded with high scores. If you are interested in this game, you can play with your friends. The goal of Angry bird game is very simple, you just have to destroy the green pigs faster, while destroying the barriers as much as possible. The more you demolish you will get closer to the pigs, and the Angry birds can kill the same, faster. If you play well, you will get a three-star indicator on your performance level. Each pig is worth some points and as you level up, destroying the pigs will get difficult. At this time the player has to use their strategies and logic to win. If you are interested, you can go forangry birds download pcand Rocky Bytes is the best place for it. You will get a free download and the best support from the online site. Angry Birds game has different versions, and you will get each one of them from Rocky Bytes. They are the authentic provider of free games, software, and other things that your PC and mobile needs. So, you will get bug free games and software. Also, you will get better support from the Rocky Bytes team. They will help you troubleshoot any issue with the applications you have downloaded from their website.

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