Childhood Today and Back Then

Childhood today is evidenced by children spending time in fornt if televisions and computers, applying video games and chatting through the social media.

Childhood today is evidenced by children spending time in fornt if televisions and computers, applying video games and chatting through the social media. Children have access to a lot of information through the internet and they increasing knowledgeable than children their age a few years back. Children barely have time for physical activities and plays, which children took part in back in the days. They spend more time indoors than they spend outside. Church going is minimal, as children would rather play games than attend Sunday school services known from legal writing services.

When I was young, my parents made sure I attended Sunday school services. I fell in love with the Sunday school because I would get the chance to interact with the other children from my neighborhood without school restriction or curfews from my parents to get back to the house. Sunday morning was always perfect. My parents did not have to struggle waking me up since I was always the first to get out of bed. Preparations took a remarkably short time unlike weekdays when going to school. While at Sunday school, I took part in many activities, among them dramas and singing. I, however, preferred participating in dramas that singing.

My involvement in drama extended, not just in church, but in school as well. Through the drama sessions, I interacted with many children from different backgrounds, which helped develop my interaction skills. I was able to appreciate the fact people are different and have different beliefs. This explains why some children were perfect in playing certain roles, while the flopped in other roles. Through drama, I was also able to learn how to share with other people. Being an only child in my home, I did not know the meaning of sharing. However, during the drama sessions, our Sunday school teacher made sure that we shared every little thing that was there, and that shaped my life to get. Sharing is part of me just like my character. Dramas profoundly influenced my listening skills since one had to be extremely attentive to be able to play a role. One had to read and understand the script, then listen to the other players as they finish their part.

My interest in television and indoor games diminished when I started acting. I spent most of my time practicing play and dramas that I barely had time to stay indoors and play television and video games. My parents were grateful since they did not have to struggle getting me off television to do my homework. Taking part in drama shaped my entertainment in that; I spend most of my weekend attending plays and watching stand up comedies. I do not fancy listening to loud music like most of my age mates do or sit to watch movies from dawn to dusk on a Saturday or Sunday. I prefer the live performances and the go home to sleep. In addition, I still attend church on Sundays and take time to go and watch young children acting like I used to act when I was young.

Today, I still hold the Sunday schools exceptionally highly. They are a reminder of the intriguing life I once had when growing up. I respect the Sunday school teachers and all the drama teachers who take their time to teach young children how to play a role and take responsibilities. I still believe that dramas play a crucial role in developing childrens confidence though I did not know it back then. Dramas help sharpen childrens listening skills, attentive skills and speaking skills. I can never overlook the importance of drama in a growing childs life.