Indian Celebrations are Incomplete without the Mandatory Shagun! Checkout Elegant Money Envelopes Available Online

Shaguns are considered to be an auspicious part of a wedding. If you are planning to give same then opt for color coordinated shagun envelopes that are beautiful and artistically made. That is not all companies like Seven Colours card is also known to customize the cards as per your needs.

Indian weddings are filled with rituals. These small rituals are what makes them so special and variant. No two weddings in India will be same courtesy the variations of rituals followed by them. One such ritual is giving shagun. Shagun is considered as a token of good luck that is often given by the elders to the youngsters. Earlier the girls family used to give this to the grooms close relatives as a token of good luck. Now days, both side of the families seem to gift it.

Shagun can either be some form of clothing or cash. Most people now days prefer to gift cash as shagun as they find it easy and simple to gift. Also, the person receiving the same can use it to buy things of their choice. If you are planning to give cash, then you need to ensure that you give them in elegant and beautiful money envelopes. Giving shagun is considered auspicious and giving them in beautiful envelopes are what makes them stand apart.

So, you just cannot take any envelope and gift shagun in them. You need to ensure that you have proper shagun envelopes with you that befit the overall decor of the wedding. We understand that every wedding has a theme and color scheme associated with them. You can actually choose the Shagun envelopesas per the theme and color scheme.

Here are a few types of Shagun envelopes that are available in the market and that you can easily buy to gift these tokens of good luck.

  1. Square envelopes: These are slightly bigger envelopes that are square in shape. If you are planning to put a few notes in the envelope, then you can use these ones.
  2. Rectangular envelopes: These are like the rectangular shape envelope but available in various designs and colors.

The shagun envelopes are actually found in various colors. Almost all wedding colors like Maroon, red, yellow, green, ochre, pink and blue are used to make these envelopes. The envelopes also have beautiful motifs done on them in gold and silver color to ensure that the same stands out and looks aesthetically beautiful. That is not all, these envelopes are made with various materials like Handmade paper, cloth, thick paper, chart paper and so on. Most of these envelopes have beautiful tassel attached to same that makes these envelopes stand apart.

If you are wondering where can you get these beautiful envelopes from then do not worry. Take a look at the collection on display at Seven Colours card and choose the one that matches your requirement. That is not all, they can also customize the size, color and motif on the envelope as per your need and requirement.