I really don't play creature crossing so my comment may be just clueless.

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Hmm theAnimal Crossing Bells issue is more that the artwork is not something that you can normally purchase, you receive it from a particular NPC and what he offers is arbitrary. Thus a lot of people"farm" him or exchange for the art they want online. It is Somewhat difficult to estimate the cost since you have not played haha but I really do have 500+ hours at the game lolll

I'm not an incredible builder by any means but yeah. I have always wanted to build something amazing, and I just started getting into harry potter, so I figure why not create a giant castle

I really don't play creature crossing so my comment may be just clueless.

I know Professor Sprout has a patched hat but have never heard the exact same of Luna. If it had been Luna, I would expect Spectraspecs or radish earrings or bottle cap necklace - or all of the above.

Haha it's just my AC character wearing the outfit - I wasn't cosplaying anyone specific:-RRB- and unfortunately Luna's accessories are not in the match hahaha and you can not create them with custom designs

Can somebody tell me what thing that ball lamp is that's on the corner desk close to the book shelfs? This Ravenclaw room is Wonderful

Just checked the E-shop along with the Custom Designs portal site in ACNH, it's a custom design by Sylswislawa ofbuy bells for animal crossing new horizons all Bajanero Island.