Understanding the Difference Between SEO Content Writing & SEO Copywriting

Time and time again, these questions keep popping up among SEO professionals. The fact is that there is a difference, and it does matter. Both of them are two different types of writing that can bring different results for a company.

In the SEO world, the term SEO copywriting has perhaps been a little confusing.

Is it SEO content writing or copywriting or both? Whats the difference between these two? If there is any, does it matter? If yes, then how?

Time and time again, these questions keep popping up amongSEOprofessionals. The fact is that there is a difference, and it does matter. Both of them are two different types of writing that can bring different results for a company.

Its time to answer these questions and find out when SEO experts should turn to content writers and copywriters for their projects.

Both Involves Writing But Gives Different Results

SEO content writing and copywriting both involve writing, but each of them serves their own different purpose.

This difference matters because this is what will help you decide which method you should pick for your project to attain the desired results.

Confusing them or merging them ineffectively will most probably end up delivering inferior results. This is why you must consider the difference to decide the ideal method as well as the writer for your project.

Difference Between Content Writing Copywriting

SEO content writing mainly aims at driving organic traffic to your website through search engines.

Copywriting aims at converting this traffic into leads and customers.

Can both content writing and copywriting do both? Definitely. But the real question here is your primary goal and which method helps achieve it more efficiently and effectively.

So, the smart thing to do here is to consider your short-term and long-term goal and then look for a writer who can accomplish them in the best possible way.

Is There Even a Thing Like SEO Copywriting?

It comes down to another question that if SEO content writing and copywriting are two different things, how and where did this SEO Copywriting emerged?

As far as we know, the term SEO Copywriting is a result of a lot of SEO professionals confusing these two forms of writing.

While some SEO pros believe that these two types of writing are the same, some say that they are different, and some think there was an overlap.

In essence, there is no agreement on what exactly SEO Copywriting is or even if it exists or not.

Undoubtedly, the term SEO Copywriting exists even if it makes no sense, and people are proactively searching it online.

SEO Copywriting A Highly Searchable Term

Honestly, its no wonder how SEO Copywriting has become a highly searchable term online as people in our SEO industry are increasingly using it.

In fact, the keyword SEO copywriting is slightly ahead of SEO Content Writing in terms of monthly searches.

Now, this clearly indicates that people are using this keyword to find content services online. Thus, its totally logical for SEO content writers and content agencies to target this term in order to drive more traffic to their site.

And thus, the loop goes on.

However, the search intent behind this search term is a little chaotic.

What is the searcher looking for website content services? A sales page copywriter? Or an ad copy? Or blogs and articles?

This can be bewildering.

For example, SEO agencies can contact an SEO content writer for anything from website copywriting to sales copy to social media ad copy.

Now all of these do include writing content, but they do not involve SEO necessarily. Instead, they require a sales copy, which might or might not be outside of an SEO content writers area of service.

Even though SEO Copywriting has found its way into the vocabulary of the SEO industry, it is just as important to realize the distinction between SEO content writing and copywriting. The reason being is that you need to find the best fit for your project to achieve the desired goals.

Once you know the difference, you will be able to hire the ideal writer who does the job best.

When Should You Hire an SEO Content Writer?

While hiring an SEO content writer, the goal is to drive more organic traffic to your site via high-quality keyword-optimized content.

These writers are well-versed in SEO and writing informative and compelling content. However, they might or might not necessarily be pro in writing for conversions.

SEO content serves multiple purposes, such as:

  • Increasing a sites search rankings through keyword optimization
  • Attracting more clicks from the SERPs
  • Generating high-quality backlinks
  • Navigating visitors to the other pages on the website
  • Converting the visitors into leads, buyers, or subscribers

Thus, when you want to attract more organic traffic to your site, you hire an SEO content writer for writing the content of your website, mainly web pages, and blogs.

However, there are some other benefits of hiring an SEO content writer.

Great content can encourage more social shares, increase the time users spend on your website, and boost conversions. It can also help you in establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and increase brand awareness.

Types of SEO Content Projects

Typically, SEO content writers handle specific types of projects only primarily the ones whose end goal is to drive more organic traffic. However, attracting links to your website can also be the goal at times.

The type of projects SEO content writers can tackle include SEO friendly blogs, SEO friendly service pages, SEO guest posts,PPClanding pages, local SEO content for businesses, service pages, link building content, etc.

Remember that every SEO content writer and agency is different. Some of them might take up additional projects, too, like video scriptwriting, social media post writing, eBooks, etc.

What you need to keep in mind is that if your aim is to drive more organic traffic to your site, you need to hire an SEO content writer.

However, if your immediate goal isnt driving traffic but converting that traffic into leads or sales, then you need to hire a copywriter.

When Should You Hire a Copywriter?

Just like there are various types of copy projects, there are different types of copywriters too.

For those readers who find this surprising, think about the multitudes of platforms that require a copy sales pages, landing pages, product pages, Google Ads, social media posts, print ads, billboard ads, Facebook ads, and so on.

When your immediate goal is to convert traffic into leads or sales, you should hire a copywriter. Now, remember that this traffic might be organic or social media traffic, paid ad traffic, direct traffic, etc.

Thus, you must find a copywriter who not only specializes in the type of copy you want but also knows how to convert that particular type of traffic.

For instance, a social media ad copywriter might not be a genius in writing copies for print ads and vice versa.

Different types of projects involve different processes, from research to targeting, writing, formatting, publishing, etc.

Types of Projects Copywriters Can Tackle

When your primary goal is sales, you might want to hire a copywriter who is a true genius at crafting that specific type of copy. Now, this entirely depends on the project you are handling.

However, some common types of projects that copywriters can tackle include social media ads, social media posts, email campaigns, newspaper ads, website copy, product descriptions, video scripts, brand taglines/names, CTA buttons, on-site navigation copy, non-SEO landing pages, and so on.

Typically, you can simply search on Google the exact type of copy you need, and you should be able to find a copywriter skilled in it.

Although a few projects can be such a niche, finding a copywriter that fits the criteria perfectly becomes a real challenge. In situations like this, the best thing to do is reach out to a general copywriter and just ask him/her if they are experienced in handling such projects.

Keep in mind that the marketing campaigns success will truly rely on your copywriters ability to write a persuasive copy that inspires a conversion. Ideally, this process should include carrying out in-depth market research, crafting a compelling copy that resonates with the target audience, and adding CTA buttons that persuade the readers to purchase or take the desired action.

Dont Stuff Your Copy With Too Many Keywords

SEO professionals who want to enjoy the best of both worlds often end up optimizing their sales copy with their target keywords.

Now, if your goal is to convert traffic into leads or sales, then it would be best if you do not do any such thing. Integrating keywords in your sales copy can disrupt its natural flow and hamper your conversions.

Even if your target audience is using those keywords to search, that does not mean it will make them buy whatever you are offering.

Leave keywords out of your sales copy and let your copywriters do what they do best convert visitors into customers.


This was all about the difference between SEO content writing and copywriting. We hope we have been able to clear this distinction well enough for you. Keep these things in mind, and you will be all set to find the best writer that can handle your project efficiently while achieving your goals seamlessly.

The best way to find out if your writer fits your project type is simply by asking them about their experience. Some of them would be happy to show you their previous work samples that prove their experience in the type of project you want them to handle. All you need to know is the difference between these two forms of writing to find an ideal writer for the job.

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