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What is social psychology?

Social psychology is a specific part of psychology. It refers to the scientific study of human thoughts and procedures of thought, feelings and behaviors according to the influence of the real or imaginary presence of the other. Here "scientific" refers to the "empirical" study of the human mind. This shows the impact of society on us resulting in our actions and patterns of behavior. Social psychologists therefore deal with the facts that condition our behavior in a particular way in the presence of others. Obviously, it bridges the gap between psychology and sociology that began immediately after World War II. The two most prominent types of participants are European social psychologists and Americans. Americans focused primarily on individuals while Europeans opted for the group level. Without a doubt, this is a complex issue that needs detailed attention. offers an online service on social psychology assignment to help those in need.

Phenomena in social psychology briefed by social psychology Assignment writers

Intrapersonal phenomena

Attitudes- In psychology, attitude simply means expressing approval or disapproval. There are several things that psychologists study under attitudes such as, the formation of attitude, attitude structure, changes in attitude, functions of attitude, the relationship between attitude and behaviour. The other areas that study attitudes are conformity, interpersonal attraction, social perception, and prejudice. There are two types of attitudes; explicit attitudes and implicit attitudes.

Persuasion- Persuasion is the art that influences an individual to think particularly. It has grown in recent years. It guides the individual to think in a particular way adopted an attitude, idea, or knowledge. There are various variables in the process of persuasion.

Communicator- Who said?

Message- What was said?

Audience- To whom was it said?

Medium- How was it said?

Context- Why was it said?

Social cognition- Under social psychology, social cognition is a sub-topic that studies the behaviour of people towards other people. It tells how people apply, process, and store information about other people or situations. There are some explanations that we make about the behaviour of the people. These explanations are known as attribution. In social cognition, attribution is a major topic for research.

Self-concept- The set of beliefs that the people have about themselves is known as self-concept. There is a different perception of people regarding themselves. They think about themselves differently in a different situation. There is an ABC of self which includes effect, behaviour, and cognition.

Why to study social psychology

When you get up early morning and read a newspaper, you can find lined up news on different subject matters that have either harm the nation or the society. These subject matters include: discrimination, violence, criminal activity, harassment, suicide, disease and many more. In fact, the news channel you turn mostly signals these activities that are going around in the society or the nation. So, studying social psychology develop positive attitude in the individual and makes him/ her able to study the reason for such incidence and hence, bring improvement in thinking of the people. Beside this, presently we also get to hear about the students developing bad habit due to influence of people around them; hence social psychologist can help to bring improvement in such individual who can later be assets for the country. Therefore, social psychologist can join their hands to bring minor and major changes in the society and the nation.

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