Instant MUT 20 Coins for Friends of Buzz Mytech

Buzz mytech is a Social Networking Platform, so there are many friends here. There must be many friends of Madden.

Buzz mytech is a Social Networking Platform, so there are many friends here. There must be many friends of Madden. Madden 20 is just playing games. For players, if they can have more mut 20 coins, they will get a lot of help in the game.

Ultimate team is one of the main features of all EA Sports titles, and madden is no exception. The attraction is that it allows you to create a fantasy team of all your favorite players, gear, stadiums and scripts. This is the most customizable part of the game.

But to get these things you need game money or money. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to invest real money in the game, or not everyone wants to. This means that the only way to build your ultimate team is to accumulate as many coins as possible and buy packaging or individual items.

As you may have guessed, accumulatingMadden coinsmay not be the easiest or fastest way, or no one will spend money. To be honest, there is no quick way to get a lot of coins. The best way to get good players quickly is to spend money. However, it is still possible to form an excellent team without any money, so here is a way to get Madden 17 coins as soon as possible.

Solo challenge

Solo challenges is part of the MUT, which allows you to work with your team against computers. With the development of the game, EA has more and more challenges to mut. These include playing in each team's 16 game schedule, or trying to recreate the most important moments of the past and present seasons. In these challenges, you can win coins, packaging, contracts or items. All of this is important.

However, the easier it is to challenge (or reduce the difficulty of the game), the less coins you get. So, for example, by playing all the simple solo challenges, it will take a long time for you to get enough coins for a package or a single item. But there is a "solo challenge" that is a fairly simple and quick way to get a lot of coins started.

The suit is called "hand guards.". Hand guards is divided into three categories, one for sprinting, the other for passing and the other for defending. In each category, there are 16 challenges, all of which are pro difficulty (the second simplest difficulty). After completing all of these challenges, you will receive 21250 coins and 4 packs / item.

These coins are enough to buy you a few gold medal players, or a few elite players if you can find a bargain. Or enough to buy two Pro packs (the only always available package). Each of these bags will give you at least one gold medal or better player and nine other player or team items (uniforms, stadiums, coaches or scripts).

The packages / projects you receive are 50 contract packages, specialty packages and gold medal category specific packages, and finally category specific bonus packages. The gold package will give you gold medal players, while the reward package will give you elite players with limited use.

If you complete all three categories of coins, you will get a large number of coins and it will not take long.

There are many other solo challenges, especially as the season progresses, but some of them are tough. But if you overcome all the difficulties, and enough to overcome some of the most damning challenges, you will get a huge return.

Cheap MUT Coins


Another way to get coins is to work at an auction house. I mean, try to buy a cheap player, then sell it, or sell as many extra items as you can.

For example, if you have just experienced all three challenge hand solo challenges, you will receive 63750 gold coins and 4 professional suits. With these coins, you can buy another 8 professional packs, so you will have 12 professional packs. When you sell these items, all of them will benefit you.

Once you have all of these players, what you should do is search all of them in the auction house and see what they need - you'll be surprised how much lower rated items can cost - and then at similar prices.

You'll get a total of 120 items from these pro suites, so if you sell all these items for an average of 1000 coins, you'll have a beautiful state of 120000 coins, enough to significantly improve your team.

Although you can use these methods, it will be interesting if you really like games - spending a lot of time on games is a good excuse.