Feathered Hair – How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers

Feathered hair is something that has been in and out of style spotlight since the ’70s. But now this hair look is seen even into the more stylish look than ever!

Feathered hairis something that has been in and out of style spotlight since the 70s. But now this hair look is seen even into the more stylish look than ever!

Feathered haircut or the step cutting is usually styled back at the side which can create the feather look. This haircut has been changed and also modernized over the years and now these cuts are worn in the many colors and also created with the different hair lengths.

Feathered hair is the technique that can turn any texture hair into a voluminous and edgy masterpiece.

Keep reading this blog to find out howfeathered hair is different from the layer cuts and how this hairstyle will change your look for the better!

What Is A Feathered Hair Cut?

A feathered hair is one of the classic hairstyles that was made popular by the Farrah Fawcett during the 1970s television show, Charlies Angels.

This haircut got the name because of the hairstyle that will resemble like the feathers of a bird.

The Farrah Fawcett hair look was an icon for a generation and became popular with both men and women. They are also designed to look almost like a birds feathers, giving the style its name.

Feathered hair cut is the result of layers of hair and features either a side or the center part. It now basically refers to any fine texture layered style. Feather cuts for the long hair are called a long shag hair cut or long layer feather hair cut.

This haircut is achieved by pulling the hair straight up toward the sky and then cutting the hair into a V-shape. Thus the feather cut has shorter length hair at the center of the head and progressively for the longer lengths toward the sides.

Feather cuts also go very well on the colored hairs and you can also play with the color on any feather cut hairstyle to give yourself a different and gorgeous look.

One of the best things about the feathered haircut is that it not only gives a different dimension altogether but also makes your medium and long hairs look more voluminous.

As far as the variations that will concern in the feather cut hairstyle, You will never get tired with the feathered hairstyles. Feather hair is also done in a different way like the plain cut and also he layered hairs. Its hairstyle looks great on curly hairs too.

What Is The Difference Between Feather Cut And Layer Haircut?

Feathered Hair Cut

The feathered hair is in fact a layered cut. The two of pop cultures most memorable haircuts are Farrah Fawcetts 70s feathered hair cut and Jennifer Anistons 90s.

The Rachel cut is one the best way to illustrate the difference between feathered and layered hairstyles. The feathering is the texturizing technique that can shape the ends of your tresses, while the layering is just cut that creates variable lengths throughout the hair.

The terms of feathering also explain how the hairstylist uses the scissors to texturize your tresses.

In the feathered hairstyle, the scissors are going at a 90-degree angle against the ends of the hair and it moves in a fall like the motion and cuts the hair in a slight V-shape. The result of feathered hair is lighter, wispy ends that will reduce bulk.

Layer Haircut

Layered hairstyles feature the strands cut in a variety of lengths. This look is not good for the long hair, but it also looks great on pixie and bobs layered cuts.

The layered hairstyle will create the illusion of longer and more voluminous hair. By cutting the long or short layers into the hair, oomph, and extra texture forms that will take your look on the extra level.

When you determine what kind or type of layers you go then take into account the thickness and style of your natural hair this will help you to completely nail the look.

Some women use the layers thin out thick, unruly hair while some others use it to simply and add dimension and depth into the hair. This hairstyle is a very low maintenance style which offers a number of benefit for all kind of hairs, including:

More volume:layers will give the hair more body by lifting the strands away from your face and also add some height at the root.

Lighter Tresses:It wont weigh you down the hair thanks to layers.

Faster Dry Time:Thanks to the lighter hair, styling these layered locks will be a less time-consuming task for you.