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Features of MATLAB

Below are some of the features that MATLAB offers that convert it into a popular programming language used by various professionals:

  • Plot the data with the help of computational operations and plot the functions.
  • Allows you to draw different contour maps
  • Offers an insightful graphics that allows you to visualize data
  • Application designers use to develop applications with customized graphical interfaces
  • Integrate external languages and applications with MATLAB-based algorithms to perform various functions.

Applications of MATLAB

Matlab finds its applications in various fields such as engineering, programming, data analysis, statistics, mathematics, research work etc. Some of Matlab's applications include:

  • It is used to develop the algorithm regardless of complexity. However, you can develop the algorithm when you have good computational skills.
  • Used to explore and visualize. It is also used to analyze data.
  • It is widely used in engineering fields such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, civil etc.
  • Used to perform various tasks such as simulation, prototyping, modeling, etc.
  • Used to develop broad applications, especially to build a graphical user interface.
  • It is used to solve mathematical and statistical problems

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