Best Practices to Attract a Broader Audience on Instagram

With the help of Instagram, you can make a creative representation of your brand. You need to post consistent content that is eye-catching and appealing to the audience.

Every month more than 3k people search for ideas on what to post on Instagram and how to increase post engagement. In this article, we have discussed some of the best practices that you should follow to reach a broader audience on Instagram.

Make Sure to Post Only Quality Snaps Video Clips

With the help of Instagram, you can make a creative representation of your brand. You need to post consistent content that is eye-catching and appealing to the audience. The use of images and videos in high quality will give you better engagements.

Researches show that visual-based content attracts a broader amount of audience compared to the text-based content. The visual representation of any service or product tends to attract a broader audience. So, it is recommended to focus more on the visual-based content.

Tutorials Demonstrations

Researches show that how-to videos get a great response from the viewers. With the help of how-to videos, you can easily retain your audience alongside information sharing about your products. The how-to videos can rigorously increase audience engagement on your post. For example: If you are a graphic designer, you can post a how-to video about any specific design process. Making a how-to video will provide you with enough engagements and enough next how-to video ideas, as people will be asking a lot of how-to questions to you through various methods.

Go Behind the Scenes

You may make behind the scenes videos if you run a business, where the product undergoes different testing procedures. Doing this will give you a vast content to upload on social media, and it will also help you engage your audience. You can show behind the scene footages of products, events, or pictures of your employees. You can also create bloopers and add them to your behind the scene videos.

Use of Popular Hashtags

One of the most popular methods to reach a broader audience is the use of Hashtags. They increase your posts visibility in the news feeds. You should research Hashtags to target your community. Tags and collaboration are a great way to engage the audience in your newly started business. You can explore tags related to your product/service to reach your target audience.

Giveaways and Contests

One of the most effective ways to get audience engagement is to organize a contest or offer giveaways for the customers. You can implement various ideas related to contests and giveaways. Think of how to engage your customers with the help of an epic Instagram contest in which you are offering a giveaway to the participants who post pictures mentioning your business. There are a lot of brands that are following the same method to engage a broader audience. With the help of these techniques, they are engaging their target audience on Instagram.

Much like a cookie brand giving out free shirts to the winners in participants on their Instagram handle, instead of following the traditional way of giving out free samples on a local store or any hyper grocery mall.

Appear Live on Instagram

Use the built-in feature to appear live on Instagram. With the live video features help, you can share live videos of your activities throughout the day. People generally prefer watching the brands video rather than reading their blogs. This technique is used by a lot of brands to discuss their upcoming events and products.

In research in 2019, over 65 percent of people bought a concert ticket after watching the live video. It is recommended to use live videos if you want to engage a broader audience on your Instagram channel as the statistics mentioned above cannot be ignored.

Capture Different Moods

With video photography at its base, Instagram can also become a breeding ground for creative energy. Make your business postings no different.

As you know, users love to see pictures and videos that capture different moods. Fortunately, if the posted picture/video is something they relate to, youre in for an impressive return for your efforts. You will see the traffic increase soon enough.

Moreover, you can capture your employees or customers varying moods and moments, and reveal them for your product story or brand values. An excellent example is that of Starbucks. While launching their new drink flavor around Easter, the company had some employees dressed with bunny ears posing with the new drink. Such a type of on-the-spot fun, while capturing the current mood around the product, provides a perfect chance for instant increase in the posts engagements. At the same time, it also attracts traffic for your brand!

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