The showbiz has broken the clich of horror through the introduction of Zombies. Even though they already existed in various novels and books from the late 17 century, they initially became famous after being shown in several films, tv-series, and comics in the 20th century. Following this, Telltale Games crafted an innovative Episodic-Adventure based video game known as The Walking Dead. Precisely, the game is inspired by a popular Comic with the same name.

Aside from this, The Walking Dead has garnered enormous praise and acclamation over the years. The overwhelming spooky gaming experience of this game has succeeded in intriguing gamers. Interestingly, the continuation of acquiring success milestones persists for The Walking Dead. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some of the best weapons that gamers can obtain in The Walking Dead.

Best Weapons to Get in The Walking Dead

Gamers first need to know that the Walking Dead player can use only four weapons at once. So, gamers must keep on switching weapons accordingly. Players should gather all the information about their weapons to use them according to their role. Below we have written the top five weapons in The Walking Dead.

Battle Axe

It is hard to put slaughtering into your action, but for gamers who don't mind slicing Zombies into pieces, Battle Axe will be their ideal weapon. The weapon is a huge double-sided Axe that can slay countless Zombies in its single swing. Furthermore, the essential virtue of Battle Axe is that there aren't any upgrades for it. Thus, gamers can use Battle Axe anytime they want without worrying about upgrades.

Assault Rifle

Amid death, your courage will guide you to escape; this quote is perfect to describe Assault Rifle because it is a conventional escaping weapon in The Walking Dead. Surprisingly, gamers often use The Assault Rifle to easily distract the zombies from surpassing the foes' hurdle. Although Assault Rifle has a potent firing rate and can kill various foes at once, when numerous Zombies surround gamers, it's better to run away than fight them.

Heavy Pistol

Although it seems quite bizarre to use a pistol against dreaded Zombies who are half dead and eager to eat you. Surprisingly, Heavy Pistol is one of the most potent weapons in The Walking Dead. The Pistol is known for its high damage rate that differentiates it from the standard revolver or Pistol. More importantly, The Pistol is an efficient weapon because it reloads quickly alongside it offers 30 rounds, which are quite enough to take down the Zombies mob.


Say hello to my little friend; the gamers can utter this quote while showing Crossbow to the Zombies. Although Crossbow doesn't resemble any trait with the mighty MP4 from Scarface, it does have proficiency in slaying enemies with a blink of an eye. The Crossbow is also known as Daryl's Crossbow that has a fantastic firing rate. More importantly, Crossbow is the only weapon of The Walking Dead that can kill Zombies for real.


Machete is a pocket knife whose blade can be enlarged, anytime gamers want it. The weapon is often used to dismantle the body of Zombies through slicing, but in urgency, gamers can use it to slaughter Zombies. However, it is hard for Machete to slain a dozen Zombies, and thus, we advise gamers to use it accordingly.


Gamers can quickly accomplish missions and story in The Walking Dead. All they need to do is to choose the best weapon in The Walking Dead. In this article, we have provided a list of the best weapons in The Walking Dead. We hope that gamers will find worth reading this article.

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