Why would you ever put points into free throw?

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Update close2K21 MT shot, driving dunk and standing dip - you will have 7 completing badges. Will equip large man contact dunks. Shooting - 3pt, mid range, free throw. Should be 14 - sufficient to be in a position to green everything. Playmaking - that is all up to you. If you'd like really Davis, you can go with article motions. I'd personally go for pass precision and ball handling, and include just a small bit to article moves to possess 5 playmaking badges.

Either move for perimeter defence, or divide the remaining parameters involving it and steal. Weight - up to you. May go slightly above moderate to have higher interior defence. Wingspan - max.If you would like to go for more finishing rather than playmaking, make him C. forever, Im not a fan of completing unless you can equip contact dunks.

ADs really hard to construct - I created a 6'9 Glass Cleaning Finisher using slasher takeover and maxed shooting, so it told me that my build is much like AD but he can not take outside consistently such as AD but the shield and interior game is very much like AD. Or you can do like the OP stated and make a glass shooter but will lack on inside match. There's no perfect build for him will need to pick between red with either finishing, shooting, or playmaking and attempt to balance him based on a favorite play style.

Why would you ever put points into free throw?

No issue. Those points can get you a couple extra badges somewhere rather than using them in a useless stat. I truly don't place one point in free throw. Even in my pure shooting construct I don't place any in free throw even for the badges because it's just a waste of points and I hit the FT's. So basically rather spend those 15-20 points . I get only 1 shooting badge cause I dont focus on it at all. . Cheers for the opinion partner!

I know everyone likes ball handling, but if you play at a group with a great point guard, I think you ought to only give up ball handling and add up your shooting stats. If you're open, your shield will discover and bangMainly cause I drive a whole lot to the rim and also receive around 6-7 freethrows per match inbuy mt coins rec.way money anyhow.