Top 5 Marvel Games

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is vastly popular worldwide, and fans of this franchise always want to see more great content from them.

Marvel even has a lot of TV shows, but they are not as popular as Marvel movies. Marvel comics are also vastly popular. But if we talk about the games, you may be disappointed because there are not many options available. However, we have listed the top 5 games that we liked. Here they are.

Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions is a very popular Marvel game available out there; it is a character-collecting game. You simply have to collect the Marvel heroes, as many as possible. Once you collect the Marvel heroes, your next task is to use them in battles against the bad guys. The game provides you with various features, including light fighter game mechanics, campaign mode, online multiplayer mode, and much more fantastic stuff. You might face difficulties initially as it has entirely ridiculous tutorials, but it features pretty decent combat mechanics. Well, overall, the game is nice, and you should play it. Its available entirely for free.

Future Fight

Future Fight is one of the most popular Marvel games; its an action RPG. In the game, your goal is to collect a variety of Marvel superheroes and villains and use them in battles against the bad guys. The game lets you upgrade the characters to their fullest potential. It offers pretty amazing fast-paced gameplay mechanics, fantastic graphics, and a gratuitous display of power. The game is really good, but its a freemium game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest is another very popular game you can download from the Google Play Store. The game even has multiple variants, including The Gathering, Adventure Time, etc. The Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match-three game where you have to match a variety of symbols together to do things like combat damage and many more. The game allows you to collect various characters, play through various missions, engage in some online play, and do many more things. It even boasts daily events, weekly events, and monthly events so that you can get extra loot. The game is very simple and exciting, but its a freemium title.

Realm of Champions

Realm of Champions is a newly released Marvel game where you have to pick a list of customizable champions and customize them as you want. It has a MOBA kind of gameplay. The game features three-player battles in PvP and a couple of other game types to keep the game fresh and exciting. This one is an online multiplayer game and does allow you to play offline, so if you want to play a Marvel game offline, then it is not for you. But its great and a decent title available entirely for free to play.

Marvel Strike Force

The Marvel Strike Force is a new but pretty decent Marvel game that features the gacha mechanics like most other Marvel games. Your goal is to assemble a crew of various superheroes and villains of your favorite choice and use them in battles against the bad guys. It even features mobile RPG mechanics, decent graphics, and plenty of other stuff. It is an outstanding game, it looks a lot similar to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and you should give it a try. This one is also a freemium title.

So, these are all five Marvel games that we recommend to you. They are great, and you should play them. Thank you!