WoW Classic Essential Leveling Tips and Tricks

WoW Classic Essential Leveling Tips and Tricks

Whether you've played World of Warcraft for years, or never tried before coming back for Classic, it's fair to say that the "vanilla" version of the game was vastly different from what came after in many ways.This page is devoted to all sorts of tips, tricks, strategies for both new and returning players, focusing on everything from class tips, to leveling, quality of life reminders, and much more.

Everyone wants to know the best race to play as for each class. Each race has assorted racial bonuses to help them in specific or general situations, and those looking to min-max their abilities in PvP will swear by certain race/class combos, the short answer is that you should really pick the race that resonates with you the most. You'll be staring at this character and watching them run around for 60 levels and beyond, and it will become the face that other players recognize you by. Even if you aren't going for a Roleplaying server, you should stick with a race that you will generally enjoy playing as - and not just because they can break out of fear or get a small bonus to weapon skills!

That said, if you really wish to push your abilities to the limit by using the best racial abilities for each class - consider what your classes weakness is, and which racial abilities help overcome this. A great example is Rogues lacking options to get out of crowd control when getting feared by other players. the Undead have the Will of the Forsaken ability to break out of fear which can help a ton in PvP environments. However, if you don't see yourself PvPing a lot, then maybe this isn't the most important ability to have.

If you deal physical damage with a weapon, be aware that weapon DPS and weapon skill are your most important stats.

If you are a mana user, your mana will start regenerating 5 seconds after finishing a spellcast or 5 seconds after stopping a channeled spell (e.g. arcane missiles, mind flay, drain life). Wands and auto attacks do not delay your regeneration. Both for speed and to avoid burning through too many drinks, there are many ways to optimize this. Dump all your mana at the same before letting it regenerate, append instant casts to the end of your mana dumps, and so on.

You might be tempted to spam the most damaging abilities you have to kill mobs. This is generally not wise, because mana efficiency and spell pushback when hit are important mechanics. Try to find a starting rotation of spells to use when first pulling a mob to be as mana and time efficient as possible.

Vanilla WoW has a lot of unique items that you can only obtain one time from quests (or from infrequent drops in dungeons). If you get a cool item from a quest, consider banking it instead of selling it.

As you enter the late 40s and especially 50s, you will have quests which grant the best pieces of equipment you can get prior to raiding, or even many raids into endgame. However, these rewards may be at the end of very long quest chains that you might not know about!

Bag space is VERY limited throughout classic wow, and leveling is no exception. You will find yourself having to delete items. Always make sure you vendor all useless items when you leave a place with a vendor.

If you plan on leveling up multiple characters over the course of your time playing World of Warcraft - reuse and recycle items like bags so that your lower level alts have more to work with, and can benefit off of your main character's hard work!

Invest in a bank alt. It's as simple as making a new character and running to the nearest trade city and plopping them in front of the bank. Have your main character send them a bit of money to cover the costs of mailing, and you can not only store important items in their bank, but fill their mailbox with items that you can return (or let them sit for 30 days first).

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