Travelling Abroad? Here is Why you Need Anker Travel Adapter

Anker travel adapter enables you to plug your electronics into walls with different sockets (there are around 9-10 type).

Travelling abroad can be an exciting experience especially if you are travelling for the first time and or for a vacation. With all the excitement you also have to make sure that you pack everything well. One of such essential items is a travel adapter. Imagine travelling from Kuwait to India with a low battery on your phone as soon as you land. This can hinder your trip as you will not be able to communicate with anyone without charging your device first. This happens because each country has different current flow through the plug points. Hence there can be a variation in the kind of plugs they have. Anker travel adapter enables you to plug your electronics into walls with different sockets (there are around 9-10 type).

Here you need to understand that travel adapters will only allow you to plug your chargers into the socket but will not convert the voltage. For the voltage issue, you will need a voltage converter.

What all you need to know before buying a travel adapter?

  1. Check what you need: Firstly make sure that you know whether you need the travel adapter or not. The reason is, it may not always be the need. At times the two countries may have the same kind of sockets. Although it is preferable to carry one in case you arent a hundred per cent sure. Also, if your device in mind such as hair tool isnt dual voltage you need to buy a voltage converter. These will be items that need 110-120V.In such situations you need to buy the bulky converters for voltage. Most laptops can be used worldwide and will not have a voltage problem. But if you have a hair straightener that you want to carry you will need the converter or you may end up with a fuse.
  2. Opt for a compact adapter: Gadgets such as Anker products are easy to carry and convenient. When it comes to travel adapters size will define the number of regions that the charger can be used for. The smaller ones are generally limited to one region. This is okay if you wish to travel to only one place. But an adapter that works across all countries is a better choice if you travel frequently to different places.
  3. Choose the correct design: There are several models available in the market now and you dont have to opt for the traditional two-pin plugs in all cases. Its best to check which all devices you would carry. In a situation where you have a doubt specify your device and country you are travelling to.
  4. Do not overpay at the airport: Whether you stay in the UAE or Kuwait we all know that airports overcharge. That isnt limited to just the adapters. The same is true for even food and clothes. Hence as soon as you start planning for your trip, make the purchase instead od delaying it until the last moment. Even affordable Anker products at the airports will seem expensive.


Buy a good travel adapter for your international trips. Make sure the product has a good warranty. Anker charger warranty is for 18 months which is a good duration. Try to purchase a product that is compact, affordable and remember to check the warranty. Happy travelling!