Pokemon Go: Best Counters for Legendary Terrakion

Keep Mega Venusaur in the team and use Vine Whip as a Fast move and Frenzy Plant as Charge move to win.

After Lugia, one more Legendary Pokemon has arrived in Pokemon Go. A few weeks ago, Niantic announced the new Legendary Pokemon for 5-Star Raid Battle.Swords of Justiceis now part of the game. This time, players have to be more prepared because all three Pokemon from Swords of Justice have arrived.

For trainers, November month is an excellent month in many ways. There are two Community Days, Animation week recently ended, and Pokemon Home is also live. In the middle of all these events, trainers have to be more focused on the Swords of Justice. Among the three Legendary Pokemon, the biggest threat for the trainers isTerrakion. This Pokemon is a Powerhouse because of Dual-type ability. Terrakion is a Rock/Fighting-type Pokemon that can deal massive damage to some particular type of Pokemon. For some players, its nothing new because they have fought with it before too.

Its not the first when Terrakion and its other members of Swords of Justice have arrived. Players who have played against Terrakion perfectly know its weaknesses. But whoever is doing it for the first time should know which type of Pokemon are efficient in the Raid Battle. So before entering into the Terrakion 5-Star Raid Battle, make sure not to use the following type of Pokemon Flying, Dark, Ice, Rock, Fire, Bug, and Normal-type Pokemon. Despite being strong against too many types of Pokemon, Terrakion still has some weaknesses that you have to focus on.

Because Terrakion is a Rock/Fighting-type Pokemon, it is weak against Fairy, Psychic, Water, Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-type moves. If you haveMewtwo, then you can use it to take down Terrakion pretty quickly. Mewtwo with Confusion or Psystrike as a fast move and Psyshock as a charge move is extremely powerful against Terrakion. However, there are plenty of Pokemon that trainers can use in this particular battle.

If used bythe right team of Pokemon, Terrakion can be down by just three players (35+ Level). However, an average, four trainers can take this Pokemon down. Players that usually most focus on strategy need to use Psychic-Type Pokemon in this Raid Battle. So here is the list of Pokemon that can be used to defeat Terrakion.

Best Counter Pokemon


As mentioned earlier, Mewtwo is the top pick to defeat Terrakion. Mewtwo is counted as the deadliest Pokemon in Pokemon World. It owns several types of moves, but to defeat Terrakion, you only need its Psychic-type moves. You can change its moves by using Fast TM and Charge TM. Use Psychic as Fast move and Psyshock as Charge move.

Blastoise (Mega)

Blastoise is a pure Water-type Pokemon that owns powerful Water-type moves. Blastoise can be evolved in Mega form by using Mega Energy. If you dont have Mega Energy, you can complete field tasks or Mega Raids. Mega Pokemon deal more damage than the normal form. So use Water Gun as a Fast move and Hydro Cannon as Charge move to win.

Venusaur Mega

Venusaur is a tanky Grass/Poison-type Pokemon. Its a dual-type Pokemon, but you only need its Grass-type moves to defeat Terrakion. Keep Mega Venusaur in the team and use Vine Whip as a Fast move and Frenzy Plant as Charge move to win.


Metagross is a well-known non-legendary powerhouse. Without being a Legendary, Metagross is still incredible. Its a Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon with powerful moves. While playing against Terrakion, use Zen Headbutt as a Fast move and Meteor Mash or Psychic as Charge move to finish off Terrakion.


Its a pure Water-type Pokemon with lots of amazing moves. Kyogre is a Legendary Pokemon, so it is the best pick for the Terrakion Raid Battle. Use Waterfall as a Fast move and Surf as Charge move to win quickly.


Conkeldurr is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon, and Fighting-type Pokemon are strong against Rock-type Pokemon. Use Counter as Fast move and Dynamic Punch as Charge move to deal extreme damage on Terrakion.

These are the best picks for defeating Terrakion, but this doesnt mean that other Pokemon are not efficient. There are plenty of other Pokemon that players can use to win the battle. Remember to use the same type of Pokemon and moves to win.

Terrakion wont stand strong too long if you use the right Pokemon team. Play smart and save the team for the next Raid Battle.


Terrakion is a Legendary Pokemon, but it has many weaknesses according to its type combination. However, to win against any Flying-type Pokemon, Terrakion is the best pick. To win against Terrakion, players simply need to use its weaknesses.

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