Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where to find Thor’s Gear and Mjolnir

Thor’s Gears and Mjolnir are among the items that can make the game more interesting. To control God’s thunder in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, players have to find gear pieces. Once decided to locate the pieces, you have to take down three bosses and walk over more difficult turns. Tho

Thors Gears and Mjolnir are among the items that can make the game more interesting. To control Gods thunder inAssassins Creed Valhalla, players have to find gear pieces. Once decided to locate the pieces, you have to take down three bosses and walk over more difficult turns. Thor Armors first four pieces will not take much time, but the last piece will be enough to make you scratch your head.

If youhave been playing Assassins Creed Valhalla since the launch, then you might have found the blue dots along with a mystical logo on the map. All the areas are far from each other, and you might face some difficulties there too. So before reaching all necessary areas for Thors Armor, you have to be prepared with powerful abilities. The final item you obtain is a headgear. So here is the guide to find and obtain all five Thors Armor pieces and Mjolnir.

The Daughter of Lerion

Goneril Grantbridgescire

Goneril is among the most challenging bosses and Lerions most poisonous daughter. She has a piece of armor, and its up to you to take it back. To acquire the power of God of Thunder, you have to take the first piece by taking down Goneril. However, taking her down is not going to be an easy task for any player.

Goneril and her two sisters possess three different abilities, but their techniques are quite similar. They usually send their clones in the battle, but you can defeat those clones and charge your abilities. Remember to dodge the attacks of clones and save your energy for bigger issues. Once you defeat the clones, the actual Goneril will appear. You have to use your abilities and use strategies using your surroundings to win. After her defeat, youll have the first piece.

Regan East Anglia

Goneril was a poisonous demon, but Regan is a blazing demon. While battling her, youll recognize some of her moves. In the battle, youll have to use multiple flame protections to survive longer. Once again, youll have to dodge most of her attacks and wait for the right movement. Shes weak against heavy attacks, so make sure you use heavy attacks as much as possible.

Before entering into the battle, make sure you have enough items to survive longer. During your journey, youll find plenty of items that can help you in the battles. While battling against Regan, youll require plenty of resources which you have collected throughout your journey. Once you defeat Regan to the ground, youll have another piece of armor, but theres more difficulty left to cover.

Cordelia East Anglia

Among the three deadly beasts, the final one is Cordelia. She possesses the electric ability, but her attack patterns are also similar to previous ones. Her health is bigger than the previous two demons, so make sure you are fully prepared with essential resources to take her down. She uses electric cannons during the battle, and these cannons are extremely deadly once you hit them. So steady and dodge those zap attacks. Look for the right moment to attack and take her down to acquire another piece.

Thors Helmet in Lerion Crypt East Anglia

Once you have the key, use it to enter the Lerion Estate and get into the crypt. The weird thing about this place is that youll find a blue marker of this location on the map, but this is located southwest of the Burgh Castle, across the great Yare River. There you need to move underground by using the stairs close to a fountain. Eventually, youll reach the corridors, and there youll find a statue and three other slots of Lerions Daughters. You simply need to pop them, and soon a new set of stairs will come out. The stairs will lead you to a chest that has Thors Helmet.

Thors Cape Everywhere

Thors cape can be obtained, but you have to follow a different procedure from the previous one. To get Thors Cape, you have to assassinate all Ancients from the menu section. Once you ensured all 45 Ancients and collected all Medallions, get back to Hytham, and there youll find Thors Cape. It is the only thing you have to do to get Thors Cape.

Mjolnir Norway

Once you have all the pieces, then the last thing you have to acquire is Mjolnir. Once you acquire this, your Thor outfit will be complete. For this last item, you have to move to Norway and take a longship to travel across the river. Once you reach the end, youll see the Mjolnir thundering and obliterating the energy.

Once the suit is complete, the only thing left is to wear it and feel the power of complete gear.


Ubisoft has made a lot of improvements in Assassins Creed Valhalla. As a result, players are taking more interest in it. As compared to previous Assassins Creed sequels, this one has improved graphics and a different playstyle. Now to complete Thor suit, players have to defeat some monsters and find some hidden areas. Once the necessary items are obtained, players can use Thors suit as their most powerful weapon.

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