From 80-85 I mined gold at Living Rock Caverns

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Is that aOSRS GP fantastic idea, or not? Any hints on getting up that? I've got around. . I powermined iron for 60-65, did other skills for ages, did iron again to get to 70. Idk around 70-72, but for 72-80 I powermined granite using SC Pickaxes.

From 80-85 I mined gold at Living Rock Caverns. 80-85 is about 30 hours of mining gold. If you would like to mine iron but bank it, I suggest you have at least 57 Summoning. Utilize a Spirit Kyatt to teleport to the Piscatoris Hunting Area. Mine from the 3 rocks nearby to the teleport spot, then bank in Castle Wars. Oh, and if you wished to understand a SC Pickaxe continues for approximately 16k exp.

I have a few objectives and would love to understand best ways to get there. Smithing 49-60. I'm doing cballs in neitz. How long does this take? Is there something which will not loose me cash and be faster? Don't know about this, but if you're able to use the ghost town furnace, then use that. Mining 50-60/80. Power mining Iron at piscatoris, granite, or banking and iron? Adequate speed and good cash. Minebuy RuneScape gold north of yanille - deposit box just northeast of there - mine .