HP Printer Setup By USB Drive

Set up your 123 hp com setup printer for a USB cable connection to your Windows computer . To get maximum support from a USB-connected printer, install the full-featured HP driver.

Step 1: Preparing to HP Printer Setup By USB Drive

After reviewing the requirements, remove the previously installed printer version from Windows to prepare for USB connection setup and driver installation.

  1. Before you start, review the following requirements and items:
    • The printer is turned on and ready to use.
    • Have a USB cable that is less than 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches) long.
    • Your computer has a USB port available. When connecting via a USB hub or docking station, the printer may not receive enough power to operate properly.
    • If you connected the USB cable to your computer before installing the HP driver, continue with the steps below to remove the printer from the installed device to complete the setup successfully. If not, proceed to the next step to install the driver.
  2. Remove the USB cable from your computer. During the driver installation procedure, do not reconnect the cable until instructed to do so.
  3. Search for devices in Windows and click theDevices and Printerscontrol panel settings in the search results .
  4. Right-click the icon for your printer model, then clickRemove Device. If there are multiple icons on the same printer, delete them all.
  5. Close the Devices and Printers window and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Install the driver then set up the connection

Download and install the best printer driver to complete the USB connection.

  1. 123.hp.com/setupenter the access to your printer model of the, and download the driver and the on-screen instructions. Depending on your printer model, the driver-guided installation appHP Easy Startwill be downloaded.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to open the download file and launch setup once the driver or HP Easy Start has been downloaded.When you are asked to pick a form of link, select USB .If the setup is successful, you do not need to complete the rest of the steps in this section.
    • If the download fails or your printer does not appear on www.123.hp.com/setup,continue with the steps below to install the driver from the HP website.
  2. HP Customer Support Software and Driver Downloads to access the (HP Customer Support HP driver and software downloads), after entering your printer model When prompted, verify that the version of the operating system is correct I will.
  3. [First to identify your product]If the page is displayed, the[printer]and enter a click, model number of the printer, and[send]and click.
    The software results page for your printer is displayed and the default operating system is selected.
  4. If you need to change the operating system, clickChangeto select the version, then clickChange.
  5. Under theDriverheading, clickDownloadfor the full software package, or clickBasic Driverto select other driver options .
  6. If the installer prompts you to select a printer connection option, selectUSBto continue and complete the setup.
  7. Try printing, scanning, or faxing, depending on the capabilities of your printer.