With a trending wedding card you can have a chance to make yourself stand out and make your wedding memorable. Here is the list of top 10 hand-selected wedding invitation trends you’ll see in 2021.

The first glimpse for wedding is created by wedding card. We often ignore the design, styles, fonts, layouts, themes of our wedding invitations. But do you know invitation cards are a crucial part of your big day?

Beautiful and trending cards arent thrown in trash. They are either hanged on the wall with frame or stored in a safer place which makes them remind of that special wedding every day.

With a trending wedding card, you can have a chance to make yourself stand out and make your wedding memorable.

Here is list of top 10 hand-selected wedding invitation trends youll see in 2021.

  • Customizable cards

A new a revolutionary trend in the market is of customizable wedding cards, a modern solution for the modern world. These cards are 100% customisable cards. With this you can create a unique invitation for your guests. With these types of cards, you can create customised front, backgrounds, themes, fonts and so on.

  • Carrybag wedding cards

Carry Bag wedding cards are breaking monotony of usual invitations cards. They are grabbing attention rapidly and create best impression on the invitees. Such creative cards can be easily found at Seven colours Cards.

  • Laser cut invitations cards

These have gained popularity and arent showing any sign to slow down. These cards focus to enhance uniqueness and exquisitenesses. Have a look at amazing collection of laser cut invitation cards at seven colours card.

  • ScrollInvitation Cards

ScrollInvitation cards are at number one demand in market. These were used in the ancient times and are still being used as wedding invitations. It gives a look of elegance and royalty and represents the essence of old period.

  • Floral wedding card

Most of the people choose floral theme decorations for their wedding. So, the popularity of floral theme wedding cards is going high in the market.

  • Single Leaf wedding invitation

The trend of single leaf wedding invitation is a visual delight. People who loves simplicity or generally who wants to save paper goes with single leaf invitation. These were high in demand among businessman but now they have gain popularity among groom and bride too.

  • Hardcover wedding invitation

Hardcover wedding invitations are the padded cards and are generally heavier in weight. These cards are more appealing in Punjabi or Sikh Community. People wish for best quality and weight of hardcover cards doesnt disappoint them.

  • Elephant theme card

According to Hindu philosophy, elephant symbolises power, strength, good luck, wisdom and prosperity. An elephant theme card is still the first choice of every typical Hindu family. Have a look how seven colour cardshave given it a creative look.

  • Boarding Pass Theme Cards

Increase in destination wedding has increased the popularity of Boarding Pass Theme Cards. This is the first choice of bride and groom who are going for destination wedding. Guests are always curious to turn these themes cards into real life adventure. If you are planning destination wedding, visit seven colours cards for amazing collection of Boarding Pass Theme Cards.

  • Rose Theme Cards

No flower can express love better than rose. It symbolises immortal love. Rose Theme wedding cards are first choice of couples. The grace and charm of this card creates deep and delicate emotions for invitees.

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