I was studying sals's and rune wiki's manuals for range training

I was studying sals's and rune wiki's manuals for range training

Stats in Siggy. Here is my setup. , Dragon Boots, Combat Bracelet (I need to finish all RFD for Barrows Gloves?) Thoughts on equipment and wether I need to use Guthans, Dharok or regular equipment? Note that I've 11m cash atm and will be reverse merching and fishing monkfish to get the rest. I can get enough for dharok's too by ending of RS gold thursday. I can't manage Barrows or I would use it. Thank you Beforehand.

Well, I hardly play RS anymore, however, the game I really do play was ddos'd for a LONG time now and I chose to get back into RS. The only issue is, I have no idea what to do anymore. At least nothing that's fun for me atm. I've killed blue/green drags, moved to SW, went to PC, murdered ankous, etc.. . Nothing is really enjoyable anymore. The one thing I had been thinking about doing is barrows, however I despise the trip there. Takes me about 10 minutes (haven't completed any quests to make it briefer and don't plan on doing them)

I normally just find things which make money (even a little) fun. I now have about 46.5M in items (10.3m cash) and I wanted to make it 100M+ without merchanting (besides the daily 500k run ) So can anybody suggest something that is fun to do and makes money. Even if it doesn't make money and you also find it fun, place it! Oh and here are some items I will not do. I'm not TOO worried about earning money as I have my equipment and quite a little pot/food/rainy day money, but it would be a bonus.

Hi I am in serious need of cash and wasn't certain of what to do for cash until a man hinted to slaying some gods. But I am uncertain of weather have the levels and if it's worth the possibility of losing all of the money I have as my net is all about 2.5 mill and it has taken me years to receive that. I don't have any clan to go with and I have no buddies that play runescape to help. If I am to do a god then I think I will do the bandos god. Or if you have any better ways of earning cash could you please also list them?

Anyways, I was studying sals's and rune wiki's manuals for range training. Sals guide is obsolete, and soul wars is not mentioned ANYWHERE. Rune wiki's guide cites soul wars as a coaching option at 90+ range. So, where do I train stove, and with what weapon? (I have 40 slayer) I've been contemplating: slayer, chins (mummies in chaos tunnels), darts at stone crabs/experiments, spirit wars, cannon at green dragons Also, I would like to have around 70 hp in 90 array and strength, and 75 at 99 array, so please maintain hp training to a cheap RuneScape gold minimum (I may simply do chins 89-90 or something)