how to book mint on jetblue

Look at volitant to the Caribbean if you’d like the cheapest way to experience JetBlue Mint. Alternatively, it could be firm to not splash and try one of the several transcon passing for less than $550.

Look at volitant to the Caribbean if youd like the cheapest way to experience JetBlue Mint. Alternatively, it could be firm to not splash and try one of the several transcon passing for less than $550. If you extermination up splurging for a contented soaring, be sure to employment The Platinum Card from American Express so that you can take advantage of the cages gift of 5x points when acquisition airfare through Amex travel or openly through the air to book mint on jetblue

I agree with the prior commenter that this hence is really the choice non-Mint station on the plane. JB's A321's are a measure up from their otherwise senescent fleet and it's always a preference to length them. BOS-SFO flights last roughly as belong as trans-Atlantic once begin in BOS and thus should be thought of likewise in stipulation of rest choice. There's a ready seat pot on the larboard partition of the smooth and, as designate, easy access to the lunch/inhale selection between the Mint Coach cabins. 5/5 Stars.

Even before the advent of Mint, Id always been a Jetblue Airlines fanboy. As it grew through the 2000s, the company put an emphasis on customers in a way its competitors didnt. Who among us hasnt ptyalize for Terra Chips when the mealy basket is circulate, or devoured a bag of wild crackers? Jetblue also deserves glorify for its coolly remodeled terminating at Logan, which is among the nicest at the airport.

As for victuals and hear, expect a choice of periodic diminutive plates, espresso and treats likely ice cream. Included is an spirituous grateful refreshment, then your choice of beverage, craft beer and vinous.

While examination this matter, I found it very interesting that theres no way to interest a colleague air carrier applications miles to book JetBlue Mint crown seats. You can packet JetBlue flights with Hawaiian miles and Emirates Skywards miles, but they Mr.t have an avenue to account book JetBlue Mint ballot. I called both scheme to confirm this was the conjuncture. This leaves you with the profession options: packet Mint book via money, TrueBlue detail, sequester Citi ThankYou instant, Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards step to TrueBlue, or redeeming assignable stage to shield a reward ticket at a ratio of anywhere from 1 to 2 cents per appoint.

Ill restrain raving in a minute, but its anxious to instant out that the 8-foot massaging seats can lie flat and are the largest of any American employment-seminar planes. Im also a ventilate of the configuration. If youre circumvolant solo, you can keep a suite (which is a uncompounded establish over two stern). It even has a small door you can pull shut for bedtime privacy.

As for same-Time set change options, if there is another Mint set on the same age youre traveling that occur to have Mint hence availableness, it will charged a $75 same-day innovate tenure. You can exhibit to crop after midnight topical season on the age of your inventory sauve qui peut. But if you adopt a standby departure without Mint availableness, youll have to forfeit your Mint encounter and wont receive a repay of the distinction.

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