At the moment I am working out in the Canafis Bar

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Varrock RuneScape gold Diary - One of the benefits to the Varrock Armour was access to the Edgeville furnace. The door has been eliminated. Was this Diary benefit replaced with a different one or was it just removed? They shot out the door because people went through, but that blocked other men and women. They moved the furnace 2 steps off to"counter-act" this shift.

Okay, I am in a Small quandary. I am trying to level up My melee and prayer, and I am having difficulty choosing which one to train on, so I thought I would ask the Sal's People here for help: My assault, strength, and protection are all at 83. My prayer is 79, and My hitpoints is 87. I'd most likely be using prayer for the two monsters, since even asyn shades hit high and often, even with Torag's armor (I will be wearing proselyte armor and Saradomin stole, +28 total prayer bonus) and protection potions. Unless somebody can convince Me differently, I would rather just sell rocktails, rather than use them.

The black dragons I'd be fighting is in the Evil Chicken's Lair, until conclusion of that region of the subquest, so crowding is not an issue. Melee-ing black dragons requires an extremely long time, but You also need to jump through a lot of hoops for asyn shades as well. I'll be using the Ectofuntus to your dragon bones. Thank you for any help You all may give.

At the moment I am working out in the Canafis Bar - werewolves - for Ranging Mage and Roach soldiers in the participant security dungeon and cyclos from the Warrior Guild - for melee. My stats are under and possess the following - I am very poor by the way - less than 1m gc Mage. Mystic Robes employees, Mirror or elem. Glory Ammy CB Brace. Ranger Red Drags, Archer Helm, Magic Bow, Rune Arrows. Glory Ammy CB Brace. Melee Drag med. Rune Plate body Kite Shield (Toktz-ket-xil). Someone online has suggested I concentrate on getting my strength stats up to 99 and get a GW swordRS 2107 Gold (beyond my means) - any comments?