Garden/Rattan Lounge Set: Clean and Care Advice Tips

Garden/Rattan Lounge Set: Clean and Care Advice Tips

Wicker is a word used to describe nearly any woven material. Generally outdoor wicker furniture falls into two categories: natural and man-made fibers. Garden Lounge Setis usually made from weaving flexible rattan, twigs or other thin branches, or manmade fibers (a nice way of saying plastic). Heres everything you need to know to care for and clean different kinds of wicker furniture:

Mesh Garden Furniture Care

KETTLER mesh furniture includes the THERMOGUARD+ dual finish coating on all steel products. It is specially developed to withstand all conditions and prevent rust, therefore keeping your furniture looking fantastic.

Clean the garden furniture with a cloth or sponge and mild washing-up liquid. Rinse any soap residue off and dry thoroughly. Applying a good quality, clear car wax once a year prolongs the life of your metal furniture.

Accidents can happen and if the paintwork on your metal garden furniture is chipped, we do offer touch-up paint. This is simple to use. Sand down the damaged area and apply a thin layer of paint over the affected patch.

Store your mesh garden furniture inside o

Wood Furniture

Seal your wood patio furniture. The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can discolor wood and weaken its integrity. A coat of sealant will also make the wood more resistant to moisture. Sealants and stains must typically be reapplied every one to three years of outdoor use.

When sealing (or resealing) wood, first clean it. Dissolve the manufacture's recommended amount of powdered oxygen bleach in one gallon of hot water. Do not use chlorine bleach on wooden surfaces. Apply and scrub any areas affected by mildew with a soft-bristle brush. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Finally, apply a clear, water-repellent sealant or a penetrating semitransparent wood stain. If desired, you can purchase a sealant (or stain) containing a mildewcide or mix in a mold- and mildew-resistant additive of your own.

Wicker Garden Furniture Care

Kettler uses synthetic wicker, a more durable material than natural wicker which requires less maintenance.

We recommend cleaning the furniture without the cushions at least once a year. Brush the furniture down to remove leaves and debris. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe dirt away. Rinse all soapy water off and leave to dry. For complete care use the Kettler Wicker cleaner and protector kit, made with innovative nano-technology and UV filter to prevent fading.

Synthetic wicker is safe to leave outdoors all year round (excluding cushions), however we do recommend using one of our tailor made protective covers for the winter months. This will prevent UV damage and will direct water away from your furniture.

Repairing rattan furniture.

Extreme heat and direct sunlight can cause traditional rattan furniture to split and crack. The best way to avoid this is to keep you natural rattan furniture in a protected and shaded area. If you notice that this has already happened to your furniture, you can try using boiled linseed oil to repair it. Always buy boiled linseed oil from your local DIY store. Do not try boiling linseed oil yourself, as it is highly flammable. Apply a thin layer of the oil to your furniture and wait for it to dry. You can then re-apply more layers, buffing your furniture with a cloth and letting it dry in between.

Stop when you start to notice the oil is not sinking into the furniture as it was in the beginning. Thats when you will have applied enough of it. Whilst the boiled linseed oil will not actually fill in the cracks and splits, it will moisten the rattan and cause it to expand. Thus making the damage less noticeable. It also provides a shiny finish that will add to the furniture's stylish aesthetics. If you notice the weaving on your furniture is looking a little loose, you may be able to gently put it back in place with your fingers. One of the best ways to avoid loosening the weave of your furniture is to avoid using it when it is damp. If you sit on your rattan chairs before they are fully dry, the weight of your body can cause the seats to sag.

Using boiled linseed oil on your furniture can help to soften the rattan, preventing further cracking. It will also cause the rattan to expand which will help to disguise any existing cracks and splits in the weaves. In worst-case scenarios, you can have your furniture repaired by professionals. However you have to consider the costs. Would it be cheaper to have your garden furniture repaired or would it be more cost effective to buy a new set?

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