turkish airlines sfo phone number Reservation Terms and Conditions

It is the method of fixing the fare of a particular flight or any flight for a given fundamental quantity. A reservation may be created reciprocally for payment of the determined fee for the chosen reservation.


What is a reservation?

It isthe methodof fixing the fare ofa particularflight or any flight for agivenfundamental quantity. A reservationmay becreatedreciprocallyfor payment of the determined fee forthe chosenreservation.

What is ticketing?

It is the payment of a full fare of a flight reservation and acquisition ofthe correcttoflythe flight.


For all connecting flights via Turkish Airlines or partner (codeshare) flights,on-linereservationsarea unitobtainablereciprocallyfor the payment of the reservation fee.

On Turkish Airlines and partner (codeshare), airline flights a deposit payment isneededfor flight reservations. Invoice for the reservation paymentwillsolelybemadein caseswhereverreservation is incomplete orwithin thecase that the reservation has been canceled by theclient. In caseswhereverthe reservation fee is refunded,there'sno invoice arrangement.

For MilesSmiles membersto profitfrom reservationfreed fromcharge,it'sneededthat the memberis a part ofthe flight. Passengers traveling with a memberthat'sexploitingthefreed fromcharge reservationchoicemaycreatea reservationfreed fromcharge.just in casethere'soverone memberexploitationthefreed fromcharge reservationchoice, the advantage of the member withthe very beststandingis valid for alldifferentpassengers travelingtherewithmember.

Reservation rights for flightsoutward-boundorincomingat u. s.area unitfacultative. Passengersarea unitneededto visualizethe relevantchoiceforexploitationthe 24-hour free booking right set byAmericaDOT. Ifdifferentchoicesareelect,the valueofthe chosenrightare going to becharged.


The currencyduring whichthe paymentis going to becreatedshouldbeelectthroughoutthe reservationmethod.it'sunfeasibleto varythe currencythroughoutthe ticketingmethod.

Check reservationinfoand complete the ticketingmethodvia the Ticket management menu on the homepage or from the Check-in/price ticketmanagement field on the homepage.

Ticketingisn'tattainablevia ourweb siteor mobile application for reservations thatweren'tcreatedvia ourweb siteor mobile application.concludeadditionalconcerningthe applicable rules for reservations thathaven'tbeencreatedvia ourweb siteor mobile application from the Turkish Airlinescall centerand sales offices.

Ticketingmethodfor partner (codeshare) flight reservationscreatedvia ourwebsiteor mobile applicationwillsolelybe done through Turkish Airlines'on-linechannels.fill upfeesmightapply for ticketing transactions outside ofon-linechannels. Also, the feegotthe reservationisn'trefundable.

The legal and promotional rights for the flightarea unitearnedupon completion of the ticketingmethod.

The rulesexplicitthroughoutthe reservationmethodapply for reissue and cancellationsoncethe reservation of the flight.

Reservation expiration and fee refund

The fee paidthroughoutthe reservationmethodis refunded upon completion of the ticketingmethod.

The reservationshouldbe ticketedat intervalsthe desiredfundamental quantity. If reissue or cancellationisn'tcreatedonon-linechannels, the reservation fee is nonrefundable.

The refund of the reservation feewillsolelybecreatedin2instances;it'svalid in exceptional circumstanceswhich canend inthe completion of theprice ticketingmethodor the refund of the ticket.

Turkish Airlines reservesthe correctto varyprice ticketcostswithin thefundamental quantitybetween reservation and ticketinghastily.

In case of anamendmentwithin thetariff or changescreatedfora rarereason on a flight reservation, the feegotthe reservation is refunded via Turkish Airlines sales offices orcall center. If passengerssettle fortheprojectednew flight, the reservation feewillsolelybe refunded through ticketing.

Turkish airlines san Francisco office It isunfeasibleto formchanges to the reservation, extend the reservationamountor cancel the reservation through ourwebsiteor mobile application.


Additional serviceslikeflight-related paid seatchoiceand excess baggage claimwillsolelybe purchasedonceticketing.it'sunfeasibleto getthese servicesthroughoutthe reservation