Translation Services Fort Lauderdale - Most Translated Languages

In this article, we’ve rounded up the most translated languages by translation services Fort Lauderdale companies. So, let’s find out.

Translation Services Fort Lauderdale - Commonly Translated Languages

Despite not being a part of the EU, the USA still has a foothold over the entire European economy. Companies and brands operating throughout Europe want to be in the United States for sure. So, today, well be taking a look at the native languages across the globe which are most translated over the last decade, lets check out:-


Topping the list of most translated languages is French. Historically, the French markets have robust ties with the US, which even today is being reflected by the demand for French to English translation, and vice versa. The top consumer brands of the US are targeting the French buyers; similar companies in the French want to broaden their growth by offering quality services and products in the US. This is biggest reason why so many Certified Translation services Fort Lauderdale companies are working the English and French language pair.


Second, on the list, Germany is one of the leading trade partners of the US, surpassing France, in terms of exports and imports. Over the decades, the demand for English to German translation services in Fort Lauderdale has spiked significantly because the US companies understand how big the German markets are. Similarly, companies in Germany are targeting American consumers. This is perhaps the biggest reason why Certificate Translation services Fort Lauderdale companies never run assignments that involve English and German language pairs to be translated.


Spain has been a critical business partner for the US for a number of years. And, in recent years, the trade between the two countries has seen a massive jump. However, the Spanish language isnt just for the Spanish people, the many variants of this language are spoken in some parts of the world like South America, thus ensuring high demands among the Document Translation Services Fort Lauderdale companies.


Being the fastest growing economy in the world, the Mandarin language spoken by 1 billion Chinese people is in hot demand, as more and more companies are expanding their services to China and from the US to China. The rapid demand for the Mandarin and English language has been progressive in diverse industry verticals.


Last, but not least is the Arabic. This language is widely spoken by growing economies across the Middle-East and Africa. Today, Arabic has become a critical business language on a global scale. The US has been rapidly increasing imports/exports and trading with Arabic speaking customers.

In the end, no matter which of these languages you want your document to be translated, it is recommended to do your research work to narrow on a credible translation agency. Make sure they have a panel of translators with vast knowledge and industry expertise to deal with complicated assignments. In addition to the best price, they provide fast turnaround time at the time of taking the assignment.