The team of groups who seem to be clear spenders is not all that long

The team of groups who seem to be clear spenders is not all that long

A year ago, just half of the teams inMut 21 coins the NFL actually spent up into the salary cap; is there really reason, under these conditions, to endeavor even that amount repeating, let alone a surge? Do we not think there would be fiscal motivation to try and bide one's time in the hopes that an entire category of players who might normally earn $3M-$5M could be had for close to $1M? There is going to be a rash of gamers stuck awaiting the best one-year, prove-it bargain they could muster, I would contend, and some may start grabbing the small bird in hand sooner rather than later. Listen below and register to the Pick Six podcast for a daily dose of everything you need to follow pro football.

The team of groups who seem to be clear spenders is not all that long. The Eagles and Saints have fueled that fire in recent decades, but both are coping with significant cap difficulties and will not be able to push the market anything close to what we've seen in the past. The Patriots have as much cover distance and roster flexibility as anyone, but do we actually think Bill Belichick will go hog wild throwing around best-of-breed money and resetting the marketplace in multiple positions? The Falcons and Rams -- also never averse to creating new norms in spending at particular positions -- have more or less made their beds for 2021. The Cowboys could be hamstrung by a quarterback on a second franchise tag counting close to $40M from their cap through most, if not all, of the offseason.

That is suboptimal from a paying standpoint.

It's very likely to be the usual suspects -- bad teams under new direction with more cap space than they know what to do with, that must overpay to get the best free agents to wink back at them now of the year. That'll drive the motor -- as it always does -- but I am not sure there will be the depth of competition we normally find for all those gamers. I am presuming a half dozen teams will be willing to dip their toes into the deepest end of free service, headed by the Jaguars and Jets, and perhaps the Texans. The Raiders' failure to find any defensive players of note through multiple drafts could find them chase around the very best linemen and linebackers and defensive backs they can locate, but who else among .500 teams or better will be pushing them? The Colts will be competitive -- but within reason under judicious general manager Chris Ballard -- and the Bengals certainly don't have any shortage of needs to fill, but do we think Mike Brown will probably be needing to set up new spending marks across the offensive and defensive line, at which he needs help? I've got some reservations. Perhaps the Titans?

Teams that appear on the cusp of perhaps a breakthrough -- such as the Bills and Ravens -- are prioritizing extending and keeping their own best gamers, a process that started last season for them and needs to include MVP caliber quarterbacks within their mid-20s. Difficult to see them making a bunch of free-agent splashes. Thecheap Madden 21 coins Packers have to navigate trying to keep their roster with Aaron Rodgers not getting any younger, which might restrict their proclivity to make significant additions.