Walk around a little bit watching to RuneScape

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Quest Points Rewarded: 5 (yes it is that long andrunescape gold 2007 hard).After going through this challenging thing, you'll be teleported into Falador, together with"Jimmy's bike". It can't be dropped, but instead destroyed. It will break apart the day the event ends, so dont consider keeping it! And no, you cant ride it around. Walk around a little bit watching to your event icon in the minimap. You'll find new folks at the icons. Speak to them and convince them to give you the gifts. Harlie Ashtonton-Cyrus's DvD -Shield shop, first floor. Michael Jackston-Josh's underwear -East lender, first floor (Duh)

After obtaining these items, go and find the needle and thread and head back to Santa's place (Neds house) and give him all them. Thank you! Thank you! You saved Christmas! Now, for that benefit! Ah yes, nearly forgot! You will get a certification from Santa which is able to be used at the fancy dress shop in Varrock. You will also receive the next event-You wave into the sky, along with a loud"Ho-Ho!" is heard. You accidently get struck on the head with a present box.

In Varrock, you'll find a person named Vamelia from the fancy dress shop. She'll provide you a few options. If you do not have any certificates, she isn't going to show you the store. In case you have a certification, then she'll start the shop. And for the person that said this, the things arent tradeable (Duh, all vacation items arent)

Lately, the higher leveled players have been needing a place to train their high-leveled abilities. These can be the skills islands. I will tell you more about them soon, but first how would you get to them? The solution is a brand new mini-game.

For ages, the players of Runescape believed that the only way to fight other people was by utilizing Melee, Magic, or Ranged. Those folks were wrong, well atleast just with this mini-game ^_^. The points vary on the ability that you pick. The individual people get points based on how well they do their job. However, the team that has the greatest overall points in the end of the game gets bonus points. The playing field is two islands connected by 3 bridges, 1 island for those skills team, another for its battle team. Time tocheap RuneScape gold get into detail.