QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error when open/access company file when Printing Checks when Sending Email or send Email to Outlook and when Performing a Bank Reconciliation.

QuickBooks users may face many problems with their running and access program. Some problems such as network-related problems, a transaction failed problems, reconcile issues, banking, update, and installation.Unrecoverable erroris one of them in the QuickBooks program when you open/access company file when Printing Checks when Sending Email or send Email to Outlook and when Performing a Bank Reconciliation. The unrecoverable error generally shows 10 digits in a 5 digits space 5-digits sequence.

Common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

Common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error whentry to open a company file or click on the save, print, or transaction.

Unrecoverable Error Codes list:

  • 00000 14775
  • 00000 15204
  • 00227 55008
  • 00551 46274
  • 02457 79428
  • 13730 84631
  • 13824 75582
  • 15563 13890
  • 19758 63847
  • 20103 33023
  • 20888 41171


  • Due to attempting to open a company file
  • Creating, Closing, andBackup a company file
  • Closing an open window in a company file
  • Downloading a payroll update
  • During Opening any window in QuickBooks
  • Running Verify or Rebuild
  • During Saving a transaction
  • Import accountant's changes

Steps to Fix Error:

  • QuickBooks regular user is damaged
  • QuickBooks Admin user is damaged
  • Suppress your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open a sample company file
  • Run QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Create a new Windows Administrator
  • Click here to show more steps to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error.

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error When Printing Checks:

When you aretrying to print Reports, Invoices, or Opening any documents QB getting error codes and messages with QB crashes.

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Run QB Tool Hub
  • tried to Rebuild Data
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest version
  • Uninstalling Roboform or reinstalling

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error When Sending Email or QuickBooks unable to send your Email to Outlook:

When you aretrying to send emails(invoices or reports) to Clients, Vendors, and anyone QB getting an error code. Also getting an error yourQuickBooks unable to send email to outlook.


  • Windows not updated
  • QuickBooks not updated
  • Damage QB data

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Ensure QuickBooks is not in progress as an Administrator
  • Restart QuickBooks again
  • Setting up QuickBooks E-mail
  • Repair MAPI.dll32 file
  • Check your Internet Explorer email

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error when Opening a Company File:

When you aretrying to open or access company files in QBDT.


  • Windows not updated
  • QuickBooks not updated to the latest
  • Damage to your data
  • Program code needs repairing

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Use of Rebuild Data tool to Repair your company file
  • Use of QuickBooks File Doctor tool to Repair your company file
  • Manually repair your company file
  • Open QuickBooks and then go to the File menu.
  • Click on Utilities and select Verify Data.
  • Tool check your file
  • Select Expand All under Verify Results screen.

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error When Open PDF and Performing a Bank Reconciliation:

When you aretrying to open a PDFfile, reconciling using an older version of Adobe Reader andreconcileyour transactions. Getting an error code and messages 19878 11682 and 00000 00000.

Adobe Reader 10.0, 9.0, or 8.0

Adobe 11.0 (XI)

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • First, create a backup of your company file
  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Suppress your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Update Adobe Reader to the latest version

Hope you fix your QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error codes, messages, and issues. If you are still stuck in any issues, suggest you contact theQuickBooks error supportexperts team to fix issues easily.