Rocket League: Dominus hitbox

Tips for Dominus hitbox, The slope of the ball's location relative to the y-axis has a value of -0.97 degrees. This also goes hand in hand with the high speed and handling, so you get a versatile vehicle in Rocket League. Rather focus on team defense, as a way to assist your teammate

It used to be possible for every vehicle to have its own hitbox, but with the latest patch (1.35), this has been expanded to allow vehicles to have six hitboxes. Let's take a closer look at the Dominus-type entities.

Everybody part and maneuver has a benefit and a drawback in Rocket League. It has been suggested that to add six additional hitboxes to give the game a better balance, with Psyon reducing the number of existing ones to make them. Since the introduction of the Tyrannus car, this week here's your first impression of the Dominusbox.