Steps to clean Brother Toner Cartridge Drum Unit

Brother drum unit lies between a electrostatic printer and Toner cartridge. If your printer starts printing with patches of faded text and dark streaks across the page, it means there's a call from an imaging drum for immediate cleaning. So, follow this step by step guide to wash bro

Step 1: Take white A4 size paper sheet

Step 2: power on the printer .

Step 3: open back cover of the printer toward the upward direction

Step 4: Open manual feed slot cover of your printer

Step 5: There are clear and Menu options on the printer. Press both at an equivalent time. you'll see a drum cleaning message on LCD.

Step 6: Put the paper into the manual feed tray into horizontal form

Step 7: once you will feel the printer starts pulling the tray, leave the paper, and let it go. The printer will start the automated drum cleaning process.

Step 8: If your machine is completed with the cleaning function, return to ready mode.

Step 9: Repeat the above steps until you get satisfactory results.

If you continue to affected by poor printing issues, then follow these steps to wash the printer toner cartridge.