Storage and Moving Services in Vancouver: Tips for Packing your Items

On the other hand, are beginners and with this guide, we will reveal the secrets for a move without damage. Here is the advice of Vancouver Storage, a moving and storage services Company.

Making a move without damage is possible, and it is the dream of anyone who is preparing to make one. Many of you will already be experts and will have found your own packaging and transport techniques. On the other hand, are beginners and with this guide, we will reveal the secrets for a move without damage. Here is the advice of Vancouver Storage, a moving and storage services Company.

Fragile Objects

The fragile objects par excellence and that keep us most in suspense during the move are many. Among these are the dishes, glasses maybe even in crystal and not the only glass and precious furnishings. First of all, it is good to have suitable containers for the transport of these objects, in terms of size and shape.

We especially recommend small and medium-sized cardboard boxes whose bottom is firm and there is no danger of opening, even accidental. It is also essential to prepare a correct base before arranging fragile objects, whatever they may be.

To do this, equip yourself with bubble wrap sheets and cover the bottom well, only then can you insert the objects that will be individually covered with bubble wrap sheets or with wrapping paper. Finally, it is advisable to arrange the dishes vertically, as if they were in the dish drainer and the smaller objects will stand at the top.

The bottles and jars

Bottles are also fragile objects, whether they are full or empty. The vases are also delicate and often very precious or expensive and for this reason, it is necessary to pack them as well as possible.

For all these objects you can prepare a box as described for the other fragile products and protect each bottle or vase with bubble wrap or wrapping paper. In particular, inside the jars, you can insert other paper or bubble wrap sheets to give greater stability during transport and to protect the internal surface as well.

Alternatively, you can choose special boxes for bottles, such as those that are also used for gifts and Christmas packaging so to speak. Prefer boxes of the right size and do not leave empty inside, also do not weigh them down too much: an extra and lighter box is better to avoid accidental falls.

Books and paper documents

Very often books and paper documents are underestimated during the move. In reality, even these can be lost or arrive at their destination ruined, even irremediably.

For these objects use small boxes, in this way they will be lighter. It is best to place them horizontally on the bottom lined with newspaper or wrapping paper; start with the heavier and more voluminous ones and gradually stack up the lighter ones.

In any case, all books with fragile covers, perhaps antique, must be covered and protected, while the documents should be placed in special plastic folders, cardboard, or rigid binders.

Before packing books and especially documents, identify the essential ones and throw away what you don't need, but remember that bill receipts, bank statements, and more are best kept for a certain number of years.

The clothes and the linen

Clothes and linens for the home or bed must also be protected. Large boxes are preferred, even those commonly used in the wardrobe and which already contain your personal effects, perhaps already divided by season or type of garment. You can equip yourself with bags for clothes, those that can also be hung and that keep even the most delicate fabrics intact.


Whatever the objects to be transported, always seal the boxes and write on them what they contain, so that even during transport damage is avoided.

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