How To Installation A Webroot Account?

Installation of an antivirus into the device is mandatory in today’s time because if there is no antivirus installed in the user’s device then it is going to be very hard for the user to keep their data secure.

The attack of viruses is very frequent nowadays and only solution for that is user secure their device and their data with an antivirus. The antivirus will stop all types of viruses from entering into user device, and it will also stop the user from using the websites which can be harmful for the users data.

Webroot antivirus can be the solution for the user if they are looking to get rid of viruses present inside of their device. The Webroot antivirus is easy to use and it is very pocket friendly for user they do not have to an exotic price in order to purchase the Webroot antivirus. User can install the Webroot Login in two ways in first way user can install the Webroot antivirus via CD and in second way user can install the Webroot antivirus direct from the official website. One more thing user needs to keep into their mind is that they need to download the Webroot antivirus from the official website and they do not get involve themselves in buying the antivirus from fake websites.

Steps of Installing Webroot Antivirus

  1. Official website of Webroot login needs to open in the first step.
  2. As the website gets open there will be two option for the user to select from and user needs to select one of the options which they find suitable.
  3. Once one of the options is selected by the user now the user will be move towards the payment gateway where they have to enter their details and make the payment of the option they selected.
  4. A file named exe needs to be downloaded by the user, and after downloading the file user has to open it by double-clicking on the file name.
  5. After this activation code is required to activate the antivirus, and to find the activation code user needs to open their email and they have to look an email sent by Webroot login. This email will contain the activation code and user needs to copy the code and paste it in the column.
  6. Once the activation code is filled agree and install button will come and user has to click on that.
  7. Click Yes on the dialogue box which will appear on the screen of the user.
  8. The installation will be completed and user can use the Webroot antivirus.

Uninstalling steps of Webroot antivirus

  1. To uninstall the Webroot antivirus user needs to go on Control panel at first.
  2. To go on control panel, press the windows and type control panel and click on name of control panel.
  3. After opening of control user needs to open it and after that they need to find the Webroot setup file.
  4. After this user needs to do the right click on the name of file and Uninstall/change button will come and user needs to click on that.