Things to Know about LightningChart JS Charting Library from Arction

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Software developers have to deal with different kinds of complex projects. For representing datasets in a systematic order, clients want graphs and charts to be incorporated with a software development project. For incorporating charts into a software or application development project, developers need to find a good charting library. If you are a JavaScript developer, you need a charting library for JavaScript. LightningChart JS is a charting library for JavaScript developers. Developed by Arction Ltd, this charting library offers many features to the developers. As a result, incorporating different charts to a project becomes a seamless thing for the JS developers.

A Brief Introduction to the LightningChart JS

LightningChart JS is a data visualization library for JavaScript developers. Arction has developed this charting library for providing top-class charting controls to the developers. One can easily incorporate the LightningChart JS charts to his JavaScript software and application development projects. The charting library feature GPU accelerated system, which makes it easier to handle. It does not waste time in flickering and rendering. You can easily represent a massive amount of data through various JavaScript charts using this charting library. Overall, developers should use LightningChart JS for creating sophisticated and interactive charts.

Crucial Facilities of LightningChart JS

LightningChart JS comes with a few special features and facilities. Developers should know these features for better use of this charting library for their software development projects.

LightningChart JS comes with a GPU acceleration system. It is also powered by WebGL technology. Hence, it features quick rendering.

For handling high-intensity data, LightningChart JS is recommended to the developers. It features real-time data scrolling and monitoring.

Many charting libraries cannot handle massive datasets. For managing a massive dataset, LightningChart JS is useful.

LightningChart JS comes with a flexible API and charting control. You can easily customize the charts as per your requirements.

Projects That Need LightningChart JS

Not all software or application development projects will require LightningChart JS. This charting library is compatible with only JavaScript projects. For Windows .NET projects, you should use LightningChart .NET. An application, which deals with extensive datasets, requires LightningChart JS during the development process. Developers should use this charting library for the applications that feature charts and graphs to the users. If the application has to deal with high-intensity data streams, LightningChart JS is required for developing such an application.

Steps to Incorporate LightningChart JS in a Project

Novice developers may find it confusing to incorporate the charting library to their application development projects. For them, Arction offer tutorial videos for using LightningChart JS, as well as free project templates useful to kickstart their development. On the other hand, Arction has a strong and professional technical support team. Developers can contact customer support care for more information and guide. JavaScript users can install the charting library package using a build tool, like WebPack, Parcel, Rollup, etc.

Using LightningChart JS, you can include various kinds of graphs and charts to your software or application. Additionally, it comes with crucial UI elements, like buttons, checkboxes, etc.