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As soon as you have completed Deep Sea Troubles you could talk toosrs fire cape service Gompar for a different one called Shipwreck. Gompar will inform you a ship has sunk as it crashed in the walls of Mogrin. He'll want you to fix the wall. Proceed to Captain Murk and let him sail nearer to the wall. He will do so. You can then dive. To fix the wall, then you must have a hammer, 23 Gomrock Bars (could be purchased at Mogrin in any region or mined outside with 43 mining and smelted in a submerged port, maybe not a furnace, with level 51 smithing) and level 37 construction. Fix the wall. Return around Captain Murk and let him sail a bit further away so that you can dive. He'll do that. Go to the palace (could be entered through some region) and speak to Gompar.

Tell Gompar you mended the wall. He will thank you and supply you 16,000 gp. Tell him you think the ship belonged to a priest that was sailing such a manner. He'll say that he watched a couple human beings float into a nearby cave at a water cliff but it caved in due to a small earthquake. Go inside the cave and it will be dry in there because the water can't reach far enough to flood it.

There will be 3 people sitting down on the cave walls, Captain Lockbard, Drew and Cabin Boy Jeremy. Speak to Captain Lockbard and he will thank you for finding him. He will give you 3 antique lamps he discovered in the cave. A cutscene will happen showing you attracting the 3 people up into the boat with the help of the Breathing Orb. Congratulations, pursuit complete! The benefits are 8,000 prayer XP, 11,000 smithing and mining XP, 9,000 structure XP and also the ability to get fish summoning pets.

To find fish pets you have to have level 73 summoning. Find fish eggs in underwater caves or elsewhere, (should have level 73 summoning) if you find a shark pup, then you're extremely lucky. If you take more than 1 egg you can only get one fish.

Put the egg inside and wait until you have a fish (you can not place the shark pup in it.) You might have (from rarest to least rarest) Sharks (rarest): They're the ideal helper in underwater fishing. They allow you tofire cape buy osrs catch fish underwater faster based on the point.