Know in Detail How Industrial Windows Tablet & Smartphones are Tested

You might have heard a lot about rugged tablets, smartphones, and laptops while talking about the most durable devices for industrial purpose.

Most commonly you come across specific terms like waterproof, shatter-resistant, tough, rough, spill-proof, no wear and tear, and on on. These are the best qualities attached with rugged or we can say military-grade smart featured devices.

But have you ever thought about what makes these devices indestructible and best availed for hardcore outdoor working surroundings. Well, it is because heavy duty smartphone and tablets have gone through various tests including a total of 29 definitive hazard tests to check the proficiency of their body, long-lasting feature and durability.

For your better understanding, we bring forth here a few of the tests that such heavy-duty devices ensure before coming to the marketplace.

1. Temperature Test: Most commonly, such devices are frequently tested through different temperature conditions from zero degrees to 50 degree Celsius. In special conditions for a special working process, devices are even exposed to extreme temperature conditions to withstand the effect.
2. Fungus Test: This is a moisture-related test where it is seen how the growth of fungus inside the mechanical body of the device still makes it in running condition and for how long.
3. Moisture Test: There are different manufacturing and industrial area where the environment is exposed to constant moisture. To withstand the same, rugged devices have to undergo different liquid tests while being exposed to rain, immersion in tanks of water, hoses spray, and other liquids spit out to check the working condition.
4. Light Test: Extreme lights are being exposed to such devices to check any kind of environmental hazard.
5. Smart Particle Test: Several particles like sand, dust, and salt are inserted inside the device to further check its condition.
6. Acceleration Test: Various intense accelerations are inflicted upon rugged smartphones and tablets to detect any kind of fault in the sensor detection feature.

Every single detail and smart part is tested to make sure industrial windows tablet, Android smartphone, and other rugged devices. It is to understand devices optimum level of performance in extreme working and environmental conditions as per diverse requirements of industries.