The OET Writing Guide in 2021

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the OET Writing sub-test! You will find links to each section of the writing guide, including how to write with purpose, what content to include in your OET letter and how to write concisely.

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the OET Writing sub-test! You will find links to each section of the writing guide, including how to write with purpose, what content to include in your OET letter and how to write concisely.

Each guide is based on a section of the assessment criteria we use to score your letter. The criteria are:

  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Conciseness Clarity
  • Genre Style
  • Organisation Layout
  • Language

Each of the above is assigned a band score from 0 to 7, except for Purpose, which is given a band score of 0 to 3. If you are looking to get a score of 350 (previously grade B) in Writing, you will be required to score highly in each of the six criteria.

To help you, weve put together six complete guides to the OET Writing sub-test that cover each of the criteria, what writing skills you will need and how to improve them.

So here they are. Read through each one to learn how to geta a high score on each of the criteria.

1. Composing with Purpose

Vital to the OET Writing sub-test is the capacity to recognize and compose with reason.

You can split reason up into two sections: "promptly evident" and "adequately growing". Each expects you to recognize and comprehend the motivation behind your letter through the Writing task and the case notes.

Whenever you have distinguished and perceived what the intention is, you likewise should have the option to show it in your letter. This includes making a basic sentence and utilizing the right action words to motion toward the peruser the reason for your letter.

Peruse the manual for Purpose today by tapping the connection.

2. How to choose the right content

Deciding what information you put in your letter is hugely important. Without the right content, your letter will not be able to say the right things.

Choosing the right information will depend on what the audience will need to continue caring for the patient. All the information you need for your letter is in the case notes.

You also need to be able to accurately represent the case notes by:

Transforming them into complete sentences

Keeping the meaning the same.

To do this, read through the guide to Content by clicking the link.

3. Composing with Conciseness and Clarity

We will in general combine Conciseness and Clarity with Content as a considerable lot of the abilities expected to score high are comparable.

Rather than picking what data you need in the letter, you need to choose what data is superfluous and ought to be forgotten about.

You should have the option to distinguish superfluous data, for example, rehashed data and substance that won't assist the peruser with giving consideration to the patient.

For the full aide, click on the connection beneath.

4. The Genre and Style of your OET letter

At the point when you compose a letter to another expert it ought to be formal. The Writing sub-test mirrors this and expects you to compose a letter in the right type and with the correct style.

To do this you need to comprehend what formal composing resembles and how to compose officially. This includes realizing how to utilize both the right register and tone for the crowd you are composing as well.

The syntax you use bigly affects how formal or casual you sound. Utilizing realities, instead of decisions, and beginning and finishing the letter effectively are immensely essential to your letter's Genre and Style.

For every one of the means to getting Genre and Style right, look at the full aide beneath.

5. Putting together and spreading out your letter

How you structure your letter enormously affects what your peruser will see and hold.

Since each Writing task is unique, each letter will be coordinated in an unexpected way. There are a few different ways to put together your letter, including sequentially or specifically.

You will likewise have to ensure you don't cover the significant data under less significant data.

For a full aide on the most proficient method to do this snap on the connection underneath.

6. Utilizing the right language

Every one of the above rules incorporates components of language. Notwithstanding, this part takes a gander at whether you have utilized them precisely.

You should have the option to precisely apply components of Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation and Spelling to your letter.

Investigate the fast aide by tapping the connection beneath.

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