How to install Webroot updates on my device?

Webroot was the first to harness the cloud and artificial intelligence to stop threats in real time.

All Webroot users are provided with the opportunity to get the latest updates for whether Webroot product they are using including Webroot SecureAnywhere. These updates usually come with bug fixes and resolutions for the problems that users might be facing while using the software. Therefore, it becomes more than important to download and install these updates for Webroot on your device as soon as the updates are installed. Once you install these updates, you can ensure the smoother working of your antivirus solution and enjoy the maximum output from the product.

As a Webroot user, you might be aware of the fact that these updates may automatically get downloaded on your device if it is connected to the internet. However, if you havent connected your device to a network connection lately, then you need to check for updates ofWebroot SecureAnywhereand install them manually.

Thus, in this post, we shall learn about checking for and installing Webroot updates on a device.

Recommendations:Whenever you see a pop-up message from Webroot telling you about the availability of updates, make sure to click on the Install button to never miss an update.

Method to check for and install available updates

  1. First, you should launch the Webroot SecureAnywhere software
  2. When its interface opens, tap on the drop-down menu to open it
  3. From there, click on Open Webroot SecureAnywhere
  4. When the main screen opens, choose the My Account tab
  5. Now, click on the gear icon to open the account settings
  6. On the About page, select the Check for updates option
  7. As soon as you click on this option, your screen will show the available updates
  8. If you see any updates, please take the necessary action to install them

Thats all about checking for and installing the updates of Webroot antivirus. You are suggested to keep on checking the updates on a regular basis in case you have opt-out of the automatic updates feature of Webroot.


Still, confused about installing the latest Webroot updates on your device? In that case, you should uninstall and reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere from the genuine website of Webroot. However, one should avoid doing so if he does not have the keycode which is necessary for product activation. You can easily find the keycode on the activation card as well as the Welcome email from Webroot which could be found in the mailbox of your registered email address.