How Lasik Surgery is an affordable treatment

In this article, you will learn How Lasik Surgery is an affordable treatment. Read this article and note down all key points today.

Lasik - Introduction

The name LASIK comes from the English abbreviation translated as "laser keratomileusis."This term refers to a highly accurate safe procedure for correcting vision, which has already been resorted to by more than 15 million patients worldwide.

Lasik - History

The first steps to developing the technique for this phenomenal operation were made by the Spanish ophthalmologist Jose Barraquer in 1950.In Russia, many aspects of this area were adopted, finalized and put into practice by the Soviet ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fedorov. Since the time of the first operation, its technology has been seriously transformed and improved.Scientists all over the world have to do with the variations of modern technology of Lasik operation.Modified modern lasers and vision diagnostic devices have become much more accurate than and as safe as possible.

Cost of operation LASIK

The cost of LASIK surgery today is of interest to many, since it is this method of laser eye surgery that many ophthalmic surgeons recommend. However, one must be prepared for the fact that the cost of LASIK surgery is significantly higher than that of the operation according to the PRK method (another of the most common methods of laser vision correction). Despite this, today a significant part of people who decide on laser correction choose LASIK, because it turns out to be the best in a number of indicators. Recovery after LASIK takes place within one day. Also, this method is applied to a wider range of refractive disorders of vision (including myopia up to 12 diopters).

The average cost of Lasik Surgery is high due primarily to the more complex technology of the operation itself compared to PRK. So, for LASIK, in addition to the laser apparatus, a special expensive device is needed - a microkeratome. Also, LASIK can only be performed by a highly qualified surgeon. To date, the lowest price for LASIK surgery is about 30,000 rubles in both eyes. However, this is an approximate figure. The cost is influenced by so many indicators. The cost of LASIK surgery depends on the complexity of your refractive errors (when medium and high degree the price will be higher). Another important factor is the level of the clinic, as well as the equipment on which the operation is performed, and the qualifications of an ophthalmic surgeon.

If you go to a well-known clinic where surgeries of the highest category trained in Europe perform operations, if the clinic provides, among other things, a high level of service, the cost of LASIK surgery will be significantly higher than the declared minimum, but at the same time you will receive a higher quality service. LASIK operations provide an opportunity to return one hundred percent vision and get rid of glasses and contact lenses for a long time without a significant break from the usual life. And this is for most people who have poor eyesight, a very significant victory in life, which not only allows you to see the world around without any restrictions, but also opens up many new opportunities. For the sake of this, people are paying money for this operation.

Lasik Operation Most Important Thing:

Lasik surgery or laser keratomileusis is based on the principle of laser micro evaporation acting on the deep layers of the cornea. The initial stage of the operation includes:

  • Before the operation, the patient is placed on a table under a laser installation.Anesthetic drops are instilled into the eyes.
  • The laser device is sent to the center of the eyeball.The eye is fixed with an expander, which protects the eye from blinking of the eyelids and the movement of the eyeball.

Operation progress: Using surgical instruments, cut off the top of the cornea, which then turns away.After that, the transparent layer of the cornea (stroma) is removed.The corneal flap is washed and returns to its place.In this case, the corneal tissue immediately sticks together, so there is no need for seams.In some situations, the doctor sets a contact lens in the eye for more protection.

Usually the operation lasts 7-10 minutes.

Benefits of Lasik

Compared to operations that were carried out "the old fashioned way", without using a laser, this technique has the following advantages:

  1. Minimum time for surgery;
  2. Painlessness;
  3. The ability to perform an operation immediately on both eyes;
  4. Local anesthesia;
  5. Lack of postoperative sutures and scars;
  6. Maximum restoration effect of vision;
  7. Short rehabilitation period (2-3 days) with a quick opportunity to go to work;
  8. The possibility of laser correction on an outpatient basis (the patient is released home after a few hours)
  9. Lack of need for medication or special dressings after surgery;
  10. A marked improvement in vision within a few hours after surgery.