How to Make a Unique Online Portfolio In 5 Easy Steps

A great place to start a great portfolio is with a web building platform. There are few options to choose from according to your needs and preferences.

What is an online portfolio, and why its important?

An online portfolio, also known as an electronic portfolio, is a compilation of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user generally on the internet; it includes input text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks.

The benefits of having a portfolio page are that.

  • It establishes your brand on the web by mentioning your business/services online gives access to millions of people who do their research via Google and other search engines.
  • It is a greatcustomer attaining orjob findingtool.
  • It's not only about customers; it also helps you reach other like-minded people with whom you might enter a partnership. It allows each other to grow by referring to work; it's essential to make new contacts and expand your network.
  • Because of modern website technology, you have complete control of your portfolio, how you choose to showcase your skills, experience, or feature in the portfolio.

5 Stepsto make Unique Portfolio

This article will help you through the steps in creating an online portfolio, with these fantastic will gear you up with all the knowledge you need for your portfolio website.

1- Pick the Perfect Portfolio Platform

A great place to start a great portfolio is with a web building platform. There are few options to choose from according to your needs and preferences.


WordPress is the world's top most popular open-source platform; it is the most dominant and customizable platform for creating an online portfolio, giving you total control over your site's design, features, and functionality.


If you're looking for simple and straightforward, then a Wix could be worth considering; its even easier to start with than WordPress.

2- Design Your Portfolio

Portfolio designing is essential; to show off your work and highlight how professional you are- indeed, 75% of people base the trust on a business on their website looks. The hiring of a profesional branding servicesis a great way to ensure you end up with a beautiful portfolio, but if there is money, you can use a website builder like Squarespace, which comes with stunningpre-built designsfor you to customize.

3- Showcase Your Work

A portfolio isnt about quantity but quality; start by choosing the best examples of your work and feature those only; most importantly, don't just post the images or the names of what you did or the companies you worked for. Instead, focus on delivering value; this provides a lot of context to the person reading why the project was a success.

4- Social Proof

Social proofis a social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation; in your portfolio, Include testimonials, which are an example of social proof. Testimonials are a compelling factor when you're learning how to make a portfolio of your work and probably the best way to prove that your achievements and the value you can bring are indeed real.

5- Easy To Contact

Last part but not a minor role giving people the ability to contact you.

Luckily, with modern tools such as WordPress or Wix, this is remarkably easy.

  • With WordPress, all you need is a plugin calledContact Form 7.
  • With Wix, you can add a contact form to your portfolio from the primary Wix builder tool.

The vital detail with contact forms is that you should only include them at the very bottom of your portfolio.