Tips on how to choose the right size boxing gloves

No matter whether you do boxing as a recreational activity or it is a training activity for you, finding the right size of boxing glove is extremely important for you.

No matter whether you do boxing as a recreational activity or it is a training activity for you, finding the right size of boxing gloveis extremely important for you. Mainly, if you have started boxing then the very boxing equipment that you need to purchase is boxing gloves.

Being a boxer, if you want to perform well during the matches then dont forget to use boxing gloves that are durable. Selecting the rightmen's boxing glovesnot only protects your hands from injuries but also makes sure that your performance is not interrupted.

Remember that the size of boxing gloves completely depends upon the fit of your hands. You can find boxing gloves in different sizes including small, medium as well as large.

However, if you want to save your time and money whilebuying boxing glovesthe prefer a reputed online store like Myndia where you can find a wide range of boxing gloves designed from the best quality material, ensuring their long life.

In this article, you will come some tips that will help you to knowhow to choose boxing glovesthat will further help in improving your overall boxing performance.

Understand boxing glove size

At the time of purchasing boxing gloves, you will notice that sizes are represented by weight class ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz. Size basically means how fit gloves stay on your hands while weight means how the gloves feel on your hand.

It is important to know that size of the boxing gloves can be adjusted but not the weight. By using the hand wraps, you can adjust the size ofboxing glovesand also add layers as well as make the size bigger.

8oz and 10z:

Remember that 8oz and 10ozboxing glove sizesare perfect for professional fighting competitions. Do not use for sparring because they are less padded when compared to the bigger size gloves.

12oz, 14oz, and 16oz:

If you are searching for boxing gloves that are perfect for training then 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz are the best.

A Boxer with a small hand size can choose 12oz size, while 14oz is the average size and 16oz is the standard size and perfect for training and sparring. In the beginning, you might find 16oz a bit heavy but remember they are perfect for building your strength.

18oz and 20oz:

It is necessary for you to know that the boxing size 18oz and 20oz are some uncommon choices of sizes because they are heavy in weight and meant for players who train with large weight.

In order to find the right size of a boxing glove, you need to take two measurements, weight as well as the circumference of your main hand. To measure the circumference of your hand, make use of fabric tape and place it around your open and dominant hand below the knuckles.

Tips to consider while choosing boxing gloves

You need to select the gloves that help in keeping your hands snug fit. You might end up having sprains or injuries in the hands if there is much space on the inner side.

Before putting on boxing gloves, wrap your hands properly. Also, consider the extra space for hand-wraps at the time of purchasing boxing gloves.

Once you have used the boxing glove for some time, it will stretch and become a little bigger. So, purchase the one that is a little tight at the starting.

Thus, considering the above-stated points will help you to find the right size of boxing gloves.