Best Sports Venues in 2021: Full Details

One example of a distinctive quality is stunning architecture, tradition or history. There are many options to make your mark.

What makes a sporting venue unique?It's open to interpretation.

One example of a distinctive quality is stunning architecture, tradition or history.There are many options to make your mark.

It's an unforgettable feeling when a fan steps into a stadium on their bucket list for the first time.It's pure magic.

These are some of the most spectacular places on the planet, and you should visit them all at least once.

Madison Square Garden

Venue nicknames:The Garden, MSG

Location:New York, N.Y.


The heart of one of the most populated cities in the world is home to a treasure trove of sporting history.

Madison Square Garden (also known as MSG or The Garden) has hosted many boxing matches and wrestling events, in addition to hosting hundreds upon hundreds of basketball, hockey, and other games.

The Garden is not only a place to see the teams play, but it's also a tourist attraction.This is why The Garden is known as "The World's Most Famous Arena."

Estadio Azteca

Venue nicknames:Colossus of Saint Ursula

Location:Mexico City, Mexico

Opened: 1966

Azteca was a mecca for North American soccer. It hosted the first meeting between Club America FC and Torino FC.

Estadio Azteca is best known for its fervent fans. Landon Donovan, an ex-Soccer player from the United States, can attest to this fact after becoming a villain in Mexico.

The venue has been host to two World Cups, eight NFL matches, and concerts with the likes U2 and Michael Jackson over the years.

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Fenway Park

Venue nicknames:The Fens

Location:Boston, Mass.


Fenway Park is perhaps the most iconic and well-known baseball stadium in all of baseball.

Fenway's Green Monster is Fenways most distinctive characteristic. It now has seats on top for those who love living on the edge.

The Boston Red Sox spent over 100 years at the stadium and played some of the most memorable baseball games ever.

Fenway Park hosted many college football bowl and NHL games in recent times.

Wrigley Field

Venue nicknames:The Friendly Confines

Location:Chicago, Ill.


Wrigley Field has been a symbol of American sports with its Ivy-covered walls, roof home runs and bleacher animals.

Wrigley is a little older than Fenway Park. It has been home for Cubs since 1914. Wrigley is also famous for being late to adopt light bulbs.The first twilight games were played in 1943, before the installation of lights in 1988.

Although the park hosted World Series games, it was also home to the Chicago Bears, who lived there from 1921 until 1970.

ATT Stadium

Venue nicknames:Jerry World

Location:Arlington, Texas


The lavish, massive home of Dallas Cowboys was built at a cost of nearly $1.5 billion. It is an iconic place for sports lovers.

It is large, but it also shows that America's team was well-equipped with advanced technology.

There were also NFL games, an NBA All-Star Weekend, concerts and boxing. The venue hosted Wrestlemania 32 with a reported attendance 102,763.

Santiago Bernabu Stadium

Venue nicknames:N/A

Location:Madrid, Spain


The Bernabeu is the home of the most wealthy club in European football. It's a lavish display that Real Madrid's quality.

The stadium tour includes a walk around the field, a visit in the locker room, and a stroll through an impressive array of displays that include former great players such as Zinedine Zidane or Cristiano Ronaldo.

ATT Park

Venue nicknames:N/A

Location:San Francisco, Calif.


At ATT Park, the City by the Bay boasts one of the most stunning views in sports. You can enjoy local food and an amazing view of the water from just about every spot in the yard.

Barry Bonds helped to put McCovey Cove on the map by launching records-setting home runs.

The Raiders had even considered using the park for their 2019 home before moving to Las Vegas.


Venue nicknames:N/A

Location:Liverpool, England


Liverpool FC's fans sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" as they have for several decades.

These grandstands have a rich history that evokes emotion and energy, unlike any other sport.

Fenway Sports Group, the new owners of Liverpool, suggested the idea of renovating the 134-year-old grounds. However, they were stunned by the resistance of LFC purists.

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