Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Version 2021

. Updation lets you use the new features without any restriction. Generally, updates remove the bugs and errors of the QuickBooks software and sometimes increase the security. It may include the changed look and appearance of the software. But now let’s discuss the ways to update the sof

An updated QuickBooks desktop will let the user access all the latest changes made by the company. The old users need to update QuickBooks Desktop on their system, however a new user will automatically get the updated version of the software. Updation lets you use the new features without any restriction. Generally, updates remove the bugs and errors of the QuickBooks software and sometimes increase the security. It may include the changed look and appearance of the software. But now lets discuss the ways to update the software

Different ways to update QuickBooks Desktop

Users just need a fast and secure internet connection to download the updates online. After downloading it can be easily updated by following ways:

  • Automatic QuickBooks Update Method (default setting)
  • On-Demand Update Method
  • Release Download
  • Manual QuickBooks Update

QuickBooks will show a notification to install updates after downloading, it will also ask the user to restart the computer after installation. Make sure to update on all computers if you are using it in multi user mode.

  1. Automatic QuickBooks Update Method

This approach for putting in updates is simple. QuickBooks itself discovers the brand new updates from the Intuit server. The updates are then downloaded mechanically ,make sure that you aren't using the software. It occurs because of a default setting in the accounting software program that permits it to auto download updates from the server of Intuit. However, you can easily turn off the automatic updates from settings.

How you may Permit or Disable the Automatic Update Option:

  • Open QuickBooks and visit the Help menu.
  • Click on Update QuickBooks and wait till the Update QuickBooks window open.
  • Click on the Options tab.
  • Choose Yes to permit Automatic Update Method or No to disable the Automatic Update Method.(Even when you disable the Automatic Update choice, you may maintain receiving messages asking if you want to use the Update Service. These messages are simply reminder messages and dont suggest that a replacement is needed or available.)
  • Click Save and Close.

  1. On Demand Update Method

In this method users will be able to download all the updates from the official website. Downloaded updates will be saved and can be installed at any time.

Steps :

  • Open QuickBooks, visit the Help menu and click on Update QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Update Now tab.
  • Select the updates you want to download and click on Get Updates. You can discover extra updates in the Updates column. Tap on the Maintenance Releases a new tab will open displaying the of the changes/improvements withinside the replace.
  • Close and restart QuickBooks software program and a window will seem asking in case you need to put in the replacement now or later. When you locate the message, click on Install Now (or Yes) to put in the replacement.
  • Restart your system after the setup is complete.

  1. Release Download Method

This method allows the user to download and install updates on every host computer as well as on his computer too. Not updating on every system may creates issue on other systems while opening a company file.

How to update QuickBooks Desktop

  • Click on latest version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open document menu and choose open or restore the company.
  • Click on Company document after which Next.
  • Select the option at the data file and Open it.

If Move Company File window pops up, observe the given commands

  • Read the instructions in the Update Company document for New version. Click on agree and understand ,then Update Now.
  • Read the instructions and make a backup of the files for safety.
  • Once your company file is updated, open the newer version of QuickBooks. Select Yes when you acquire the prompt Do you want to continue?

4. Manual QuickBooks Update

  • Firstly close your company file and close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon as shown to your display and Click on Run as administrator.
  • While at the No Company Open display, navigate to Help menu then select Update the QuickBooks.
  • Go to Option tab and choose mark all option
  • Select Save alternative now.
  • Go to Update now tab after which mark the Reset Update field.
  • Now select the get update button here.
  • Once the Update Complete message appears, shut down the QuickBooks software.
  • Open again your QuickBooks Desktop, in case you get the message to set up update to your computer display.
  • Hit a click on the Yes alternative.
  • Once the set up technique is complete, restart your computer.


The methods explained above are the best to update the QuickBooks Desktop easily and effectively and allow us to use all the new features and changes available. If you want any help then, get help from the certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for the best support.