Link Building - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Link Shortening

Link shortening has become a very popular strategy for boosting a website in the SERPs.

In fact, some believe that ย่อลิ้ง is the only way to get to No.1 in Google, as Google will only give ranking to those sites that have many relevant one way backlinks. This means that you need to spend your time getting other sites linked to yours as well in order to be on the first page of Google.

However, is the link shortening a good or bad strategy? Is it worth it or a waste of time? The answer depends on your goals. If you just want to improve your search engine ranking by getting your site linked to other good quality websites then it may be worthwhile.

One thing to note though is that there are both benefits and drawbacks associated with this link building strategy. For example, on your site, you can include a text link on your homepage, in your emails or on your blog posts. Some people argue that this is not allowed by the Google algorithms as link building techniques such as text links do not contribute to the content on your site. You can read more about this at Link Building.

But there is good news because you can still get a lot of links from other sites with a good SEO strategy. It is also a good idea to have a few external links pointing to your site from good quality third party sites. But it is important to remember that you can never have too many external links to your site as this can hurt your ranking. Having too many weak quality links can even knock down your rankings and you will end up losing traffic.

However, it is generally accepted that it is best to have one per category on your site and have one anchor text link per page within your site. You may also want to have your own internal one. This means that every page should have its own link leading from it to the main homepage. This is because you want to treat each of your pages uniquely and you want them to each have their own chance of being searched for by Google. This way, it will be easier for Google and the spiders to crawl your site as only the unique listings are shown.

The main benefit of Link Shortening is that you will get a lot of good one way backlinks to your site. This has a knock out effect on your search engine rankings. The more one way backlinks that you have to your site, the higher your rankings will be. And with high rankings, you will get more visitors to your site and be able to sell more products on the internet. In other words, it can result to more money for you.

However, some SEO experts think that Link Shortening is not the right way to do it. They say that the best way to do link building is to do it naturally. You need to work on your own strategies to generate more natural backlinks. Some even go as far as saying that you can make your own backlinks using directory submissions, blogs commenting and forum signatures.

Whatever your view on this issue, there is no doubt that ย่อลิงค์ can help you a lot in your quest to be number one in Google. There are a lot of tools that you can use to create these backlinks, like using forums for example. You can even ask the other members of the forum to tackling your site and create natural one way links to it. If you are still confused about this whole process, then I suggest that you start learning about link building now before you get confused about what you are supposed to do in the end.