How Animal Crossing: New Horizons Saved Me During Quarantine

Between social media and television, the H24 news on the emergency goes crazy. Informing yourself is correct and legitimate, but at the right doses: for the rest it is better to turn off everything and connect on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Between social media and television, the H24 news on the emergency goes crazy. Informing yourself is correct and legitimate, but at the right doses: for the rest it is better to turn off everything and connect on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

When I first saw the announcement trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons during E3 2019 I was not yet a Nintendo Switch owner, but I never a priori would have thought of playing such a title to buy ACNH items and furniture. I thought it was not simply in my ropes, although I had heard about it well almost everywhere and I recognized over the years how it had managed, especially with the last chapter on 3DS, to carve out a huge slice of the public even in the Bel paese. I thought, trivially, that it would bore me in a short time and that the game (or the expense) was not worth the candle, accustomed and obsessed with titles full of indicators to follow, missions to complete and stories to progress and bring to a conclusion.

It seems strange to say, but I have thought about it a lot these days: if we were not in this period of emergency, closed in the four walls of the house, perhaps I would never have considered the idea of approaching the brand. And yet, today it makes a certain effect to think back to that mask of insecurity and distrust that I wore in my face, as I write this piece and I can't wait to collect some shells by the sea and earn some useful money to pay off that blessed debt to Tom Nook yet another, to be honest.

Crafting and carefree

On the day of day one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I saw my entire (still small) list of friends on Switch and numerous acquaintances on social networks showing themselves grappling with the latest Nintendo adventure. Personally I resisted only a few more days and in the end, either because of this emergency that weighs down everyone's daily life from a psychological point of view or the need to try my hand at something different from the usual, I threw myself headlong into the immediate download via eShop.

Although the game does not present a real goal to pursue, the Nook miles system (as also pointed out in the review) manages to meet those who, like myself, must necessarily have a general goal, even only in the first few steps to orient yourself a minimum. An integration that I consider fundamental thanks to a specific section that monitors all my simple activities and the consistency with which I carry out any daily routine is rewarded, without ever feeling obliged to carry out it to progress or unlock something new.

The beauty of Animal Crossing: New Horizons island designsis just that, there are no deadlines to respect: I can play it for hours and accumulate resources beyond belief to sell and build new furniture and decorations for the house or the entire island, or dedicate a half 'hour in the morning or in the evening to relax with a little fishing or insect hunting, just to name two of the main activities involved.

Every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons reflects the passage of time in reality, as well as the passing of the seasons with targeted events, and "forces" the gamer to take all the time he wants to stop and enjoy every little detail with the right intensity; from the chat with a new inhabitant recently arrived on the island at our request and who asks us how we are, or who gives us some curious object, to the discovery of increasingly rare fossils to spruce up the museum of the good owl Blatero, without forgetting the simple contemplation on the beach of a beautiful sunset or a starry night that calms anyone.

Every day on Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a pleasant discovery and I couldn't ask for anything better for this time; an ideal refuge to lighten the mind from days that risk being more and more repetitive. Who doesn't love having the opportunity to grow an island and its respective community without feeling oppressed by the weight of a choice and the consequences? An extremely flexible experience, capable of tailoring itself to the user holding the Switch.

Socializing in an emergency

Another feature not to be underestimated in Animal Crossing: New Horizon concerns the multiplayer sector. As a reflection of the aforementioned philosophy that gives the gamer extreme freedom on what to do and when, I can easily decide when to interact with other players or friends in their respective islands. In most cases I love to travel quietly through the Dodo Airlines company alone to collect the most varied resources possible from the most remote atolls: an opportunity that has also allowed me, with immense amazement, to meet some random characters such as the canary Tweety or the elephant Hannibal to be invited as new inhabitants of BiriBiri (the not very virile name chosen for my island).

Despite this, I spent some of the best moments in my still short experience with the title with some friends online, all surrounded by a spirit of sharing at times surprising and that I could not take for granted; I have been invited several times to some islands to exchange fruit and have more varieties to sell in my shop, without forgetting that (being further behind than those who have played Animal Crossing: New Horizons August Update 2021since day one) they have repeatedly given me items and advanced tool schemes without asking for anything in return. Furthermore, I would never have thought that it was fun to invite people to your island and start, for example, a fishing contest on the pier in the moonlight in search of the strangest creatures - and instead it was nothing short of exciting: a cure-all. for the soul.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons succeeds in the difficult task of bringing people together, in an extremely complex landscape like the present one where for safety we are asked to stay at home, away from friends and loved ones. The multiplayer sector has allowed me to meet and get to know numerous players, all united by the same desire to escape from a monotony that risks being overwhelming; the awareness of being part of a common digital resistance, where each person can take refuge in their own island and know they can count on an active and supportive community, was perhaps the most pleasant discovery.