Love Soy Sauce, But Have Dietary Restrictions?

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Soy sauce is one of the world's most popular food flavorings, but most brands contain gluten, salt, and sugar which can cause problems for many people with dietary restrictions. But some alternatives deserve your attention the next time you shop in an Asian marketwith a good selection. The chief role of soy sauce is to bring out the savory umami flavor, and it does so because of the amino acids it contains. Some of the better alternatives on the market have formulas based on aged coconut sap and sea salt rich in minerals. They don't taste exactly like soy sauce, and some people like them better.

You can use the soy sauce alternatives in all the same ways you'd use soy sauce, which means they taste great on meat, vegetables, and many other foods. The key to enjoying Asian food is bringing out the umami flavor it's famous for, and flavoring sauces are essential. The Asian diet is getting a lot of attention these days globally. It's because of the eat-to-live philosophy different from many western food traditions based on overindulgence. With great flavorings like soy sauce and alternative to it, dishes based on vegetables and grains with meat used as a flavoring are tasty and delicious.

There was a time not long ago when not many alternatives to soy sauce existed, and it was difficult for people who love it but have dietary restrictions. Some of the newer products have been devised by people who need to avoid gluten, sugar, and salt or have relatives who need to avoid them. They're all about enhancing umami flavor without the ingredients that can cause problems for some. For anyone who needs to eat gluten-free, enjoying favorite flavors without triggering digestive upset is crucial, likewise with diabetics who need to avoid sugar and others with high blood pressure affected by salt.

If you haven't yet tried Asian grocery shopping online, it's a perfect way to find out about each product more easily. You're limited to the product labeling in a store, but online each product has its own page that tends to offer more detailed information. Online food shopping also makes it easier to compare items that would take more time in the aisles of a grocery market. You can also save time when you have your food order delivered to your home. If you do a lot of your weekly shopping online, it's not difficult to meet the threshold for free shipping. You can add convenience to your life and save money.